Bigfoot’s A Hoax, Pro Hoaxer Gets Hosed

All of the hoopla last week over the discovery of a Bigfoot in Northern Georgia turned out to be a big ole hoax. Shocker! The two Georgia dudes who “discovered” Bigfoot, Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer, pulled a fast one over on Tom Biscardi…who is described by some as a “Las Vegas con man”. Biscardi’s a Bigfoot hoaxer from way back, and runs the website (Warning: unintentionally hilarious!)

Tom paid an “undisclosed sum” to Matthew and Rick for their Bigfoot corpse and the privilege of holding the flop press conference last Friday. At the same time, Biscardi sent self-described “Sasquatch detective” AND host of “Squatchdetective Radio”, Steve Kulls, back to Georgia to check out the body. Sadly, Fox News reports that Steve did not have good news for Tom.

Basically, Steve thawed out the frozen “corpse”, and discovered that yes, it WAS a Halloween costume! Unfortunately for Tom Biscardi, Matthew and Rick are not answering the phone. They’ve gone AWOL with the cash! Snarkista thought something smelled in this whole deal. Asked for comment on Officer Whitton, Clayton County, Ga., Chief of Police Jeffrey Turner, corrected

“You mean ex-officer Whitton. As soon as we saw it was a hoax, I filed the paperwork to terminate his employment. For someone to do a complete three-sixty like that, I can’t explain it.”

Don’t believe Matthew did a complete 360, Chief Redneck. Re-do the math. As for Biscardi, this couldn’t happen to a nicer guy! Heartbreak clip below.

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