Biggest Loser contestant Sam Poueu is on the road to recovery after a devastating fall that caused life-threatening injuries to the reality TV star. Poueu suffered severe internal injuries after falling four stories from a friend’s roof on September 3.

Sam Poueu was accidentally locked out of a friend’s apartment after climbing on to the roof while attending a birthday party. Poueu attempted to climb down a fire-escape ladder to reach the fourth floor balcony, but lost his footing and slipped off. The Biggest Loser star plummeted four stories to the ground, ending up in the hospital with “many serious internal injuries and a trauma to the right side of his head,” his family and fiancee Stephanie Anderson said in a joint statement.

In addition to a serious head injury, Sam Poueu suffered a punctured lung, broken leg and other serious internal injuries. Since admission to the hospital, Poueu has undergone three surgeries but remains strong. “Sam has made positive and encouraging strides since his accident,” his family said. “To date, many of his internal injuries are on the healing mend.”

Before his accident, Sam Poueu had been working at the Biggest Loser Fitness Ridge Resort in Malibu, California. He and fellow Biggest Loser contestant Stephanie Anderson planned to marry in Spring 2012. Poueu proposed to Anderson, whom he met and fell in love with on the show, during a Biggest Loser special last October.

“He still has a long road ahead and is already a true testament to the power of prayer. Our faith remains that God will heal him completely according to His will,” the statement from his fiancee and family said. “We are thankful for the miracles we have already witnessed in his recovery and are thankful for the dedicated medical personnel attending to him.”

The family has set up a trust fund to help Poueu with his medical needs. Information on how to send donations can be found here.

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