Billy Ray Cyrus Better Get That Shotgun Out

Miley Cyrus has once again been kind enough to share some kissy pics on her Myspace! This time she’s cuddling up with Jonas Brother Nick Jonas. Billy Ray needs to get some new spy software! Myspace is EASY to crack, Snarkista knows! Get some keylogging software and you’ll be on your way. Anyone with a teenager is crazy if they think their kid isn’t up on the internet posting 1000 dumb pics of themselves. But bustin’ ’em is EASY!!

Miley Cyrus is saying she is “too much” for guys to handle. The 15-year-old ‘Hannah Montana’ actress refuses to calm her “crazy” ways for any potential boyfriends. Miley – who caused controversy after posing topless for magazine Vanity Fair – said:

“I’m too much to handle right now. “I can’t be quiet and cute for boys – I have to be a bit crazy.”

Miley obvs has ADD, she’s so hyper she can’t stop doing the head whip onstage! She has enough energy left over to make danceoff videos with her BFF Mandy, film a movie, and keep us all up to date on her Myspace. Methinks Miley doesn’t sleep much. Back away from the Adderall, Miles! Try slippin a little Benadryl into her evening beverage, Billy Ray- she’ll conk out before she gets her daily smoochin’ update out to the world. Trust Snarkista. She KNOWS.