Bombshell Discovery Documents Just Released In Casey Anthony Murder Case

UPDATE 11/07/08: Investigators Release Audio Interview Of George Anthony Testifying To Car Smell; Physically Ill- Listen Here It is highly unusual for audio discovery to be released to the general public in a murder case. Today, however, investigators released this shocking audio interview with George Anthony that is incredibly revealing.

Over 500 pages of shocking discovery documents in the Casey Anthony case, where Casey has been charged with the murder of her 3 year old daughter Caylee, were released by the Florida State Attorney’s office today. Among the stunning revelations are that when sheriff’s investigators questioned Casey’s father George nine days after Caylee was reported missing, George told them he had “bad vibes” the very first day he got his car back and smelled the smell in the trunk. The smell, he said as a former law enforcement officer, he knows and would never forget. George told investigators, “I don’t want to believe that I have, have raised someone and brought someone in this world that could do something to another person. I don’t want to believe that.” He also told them, “I, I, I believe that there’s someone dead back there and I hate to say the word human. Um, I hate to say that.”

Casey brags in the documents that authorities “won’t break her”, and that psychological tests given to her show that she is “mentally sound”. Brainiac! There goes any insanity defense! Mark Nejame, family spokesman, (who is currently getting torn a new one on Nancy Grace), allows that the Anthonys knew these docs would be coming out, and that this is the hell the family has been living. Now, he says, that the Anthonys are now joining with Texas Equusearch’s efforts to find Caylee’s remains.

The Attorney’s office released new interviews not previously seen by the public, including George and Cindy returning home to find their pool ladder leaning up against the pool. They had an argument about it, because they intentionally didn’t leave it that way because of Caylee. Also, Cindy Anthony met her husband George when he drove up the night Caylee was discovered missing, and said “We lost her”. “Who?” said George. “Caylee. We lost Caylee.”

George describes walking up to Casey’s car when it was in the impound lot and praying that he wouldn’t see find Caylee in the trunk of the car. He said when the trunk was opened, he saw a trash bag, and a basketball sized, not perfectly round stain.

Casey bragged to Department of Children’s Services workers who visited her to go over the allegations of maltreatment, inadequate supervision and threatened harm that were reported to DCF. Casey told them that she looked forward to telling her side of the story to someone other than her family and law enforcement. Cindy Anthony began talking then Casey stopped her, saying this was her chance to speak.

Casey went on to describe how she left her child with babysitter Zenaida Gonzales so she could work. She said despite what the sheriff’s office has reported, she is a seasonal worker at Universal Studios in the event department. When the investigator inquired about the babysitter, Casey Anthony said she couldn’t reveal more because of her criminal case.

She described how she met Caylee’s father in middle school and said his name was Eric. He and his family moved to Kentucky where he later died in a car crash. She refused to give his last name to protect his family’s privacy. Casey incredibly tells the DCF that she wants to have a new vocation: finding missing children. The DCF report says that the office feels that “Caylee is critically at risk.”

Casey’s father George told investigators that “Casey lives on the edge, lies, and then piles on more. She’s very good with the computer.” WTF TV in Florida is claiming that IF Caylee is dead, it was an accident, and probably an overdose by a sedative. Like chloroform?!

Read Excerpts From The Discovery Documents Here

Read Excerpts From the DCF Report Here

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  1. Too bad George got mixed up w/Cindy; he seems to have some decency, but is outweighed by whackograms who runs the house. In his first police interview, he’s suspicous of the fowl odor in Casey’s car and, w/out saying it, he’s thinking human, and he doesn’t paint a good picture of Casey, he even talks of feeling for some time that Casey has not been working. F-F to SHORTLY thereafter on the Today Show w/Cindy–(awhile back) whackograms hawk-eyes him as he speaks, making sure he knows his every word IS BEING MONITORED BY HER and had better line up. She gets her way, but he’s under duress. Meanwhile, she had been at work back in June (read statements of her coworkers and her supvr), telling others she hadn’t talked with Caylee in two weeks, that Casey always has some excuse for why she can’t speak with Caylee. Further, she had to be told to go home when Casey’s car was found. She was cut loose from work on July 15 to get the car, get Casey and go home . . . but she RETURNED TO WORK AFTER SEEING THE CAR, stating the car was a mess, the baby’s things were in the car, it smelled like a dead body; she didn’t answer when asked had she looked inside the trunk . . . and yet, when urged to call the police by someone at work, she replied she wasn’t going to–she was going to check with Universal when she got home and give Casey a chance to explain . . . ?! Whoa, excuse me, hasn’t this woman been living a psycho existence herself?? Doesn’t this and other facts sound like Cindy’s thinking processes are to a clear mind what a dense jungle fog is to an open sunny day? Being in denial back then even . . . ?? What more of a red flag would you need to leave your job, without being ordered to, and would YOU then go back to work at that point? She told them Casey was dating someone named Jeff Hopkins and that she was supposed to meet Jeff on 3 to 4 occasions, but something always fell through. “Earth to Cindy come in.” Has she no discernment? I don’t defend Casey, but how in the world could you come out of that family in Casey’s position untainted???? Cindy’s basically been the commander pushing everyone around but yet not cognizant of or caring enough to do anything about lies, LIES, LIES. I don’t call that mothering Casey, either. And if she indeed put her hands around Casey’s throat in the June 15 fight, is it a far stretch to imagine Casey losing her temper w/Caylee?

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