Boyfriend Denies Involvement in Murder of Playboy Model Paula Sladewski

The boyfriend of Playboy model Paula Sladewski has denied he had anything to do with her brutal murder. Kevin Kylm told police he was not involved in the homicide of 26-year-old Paula Sladewski and is devastated by her death.

Paula Sladewski
Paula Sladewski

“He’s fully cooperating in the investigation,” Kylm’s attorney told the Miami Herald. “He’s done everything he can do to help locate her prior to the discovery of the death… He’s devastated and traumatized. He has no involvement whatsoever.”

34-year-old Kevin Kylm reportedly told police he and girlfriend Paula Sladewski became separated at a Miami night club before she went missing. Sladewski’s body was found on Sunday, burned and dumped in a trash bin. She was identified using dental records.

Neighbors of the couple have reportedly stated they argued frequently and police had been called to their home for domestic disputes, according to Sladeweski was reportedly arrested last summer after hitting Kylm on the head with a bottle during a fight. A charge of domestic battery against Sladeweski was dismissed in December.

Anyone with information of Sladewski’s death is asked to call North Miami Detective Michael Gaudio at (305) 891-8111 or Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at (305) 471-TIPS.

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4 thoughts on “Boyfriend Denies Involvement in Murder of Playboy Model Paula Sladewski”

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  2. “Hatori”: What the hell are you babbling about? Not sure how you’re bringing Hefner into this, (Or why) but she supposedly did one video for Playboy like 7 years ago. How did Hef’s “lifestyle” cause this to happen?

    And you are the absolute first yahoo I’ve ever heard of accusing Hefner of “pedophilia”. Unless of course you’re one of those idiots who thinks even an 18yo is now a child.

  3. an 18yo is a damn child to me. In my book we are all part child till we get well into to early 20’s age at least. Look in the eyes of an 18 yo. You don’t see an adult

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