Brad Pitt Motorcycle Accident Leaves Actor Unhurt

Brad Pitt took a dive to the pavement on Saturday after running into a parked car while riding his motorcycle in Hollywood. Pitt reportedly clipped a car and fell over on his bike, but was not injured.


Initially, gossip reports said a paparazzi photographer got in Pitt’s way and forced him into the parked car. However, witnesses from the scene said no one else was involved in the accident, according to

Brad Pitt apparently just got too close while attempting to weave between some cars at a red light. Pitt’s handlebars reportedly got caught on the parked car and the actor was pitched onto the asphalt. Although the actor sustained no serious damage, his bike would not restart.

Pitt was unhurt in the incident and reportedly politely exchanged insurance info with the owner of the car before taking off. Pitt’s bike was later towed from the scene.

3 thoughts on “Brad Pitt Motorcycle Accident Leaves Actor Unhurt”

  1. I see you’re buying into the paparazzi spin that they had no role in Pitt’s accident. Way to use your brains, guys. TMZ is just protectng their turf. They are hardly a reliable source in this story.

    Look at all the pics before and after the accident and you’ll see swarming paparazzi practically on top of Pitt. They were chasing him in traffic for gods sake. Yea, sure, they’re not responsible. LOL!

    They are going to end up killing someone.

  2. Oh I agree the Paparazzi are going to end up killing someone. If they haven’t already (Princess Diana). However, witness reports so far from the scene aren’t saying the paps drove Pitt into the car. Now, he may have ran into the car trying to get away from them, but that’s not the same thing.

  3. “. . .he may have ran into the car trying to get away from them, but that’s not the same thing.”

    Well, it’s close enough. No one hit Princess Diana’s car either. Didn’t Scarlett Johannson or someone similar get run off the road in L.A. recently. Didn’t they rearend Nicole Ritchie last week?

    There ARE reports that witnesses saw the paparazzi car either cut him off or make contact before Pitt started maneuvering away from it. I notice that certain gossip sites like TMZ and other paparazzi sites are leaving those reports out.

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