Brad Pitt Whines About Stardom


Oh, BROTHER. Superstar Brad Pitt has a problem, and he’s moping about it to anyone who will listen. Brad doesn’t really like being a mega-star these days. His latest round of complaints are due to his HATRED of fame. Except for the money part.

Brad blabbed to Newsweek that press tours are a bitch that he never wanted to sign up for. Doing interviews and mingling with the “little people” (not midgets) is oh, so lame! Sayeth Brad:

“It’s everything we didn’t sign up for. There’s this whole other entity you get sucked into. You have to go and sell your wares. Somehow you’re not supporting your film if you don’t get out on a show and talk about your personal life. It has nothing to do with why I do this.”

So let Snarkista get this straight, Brad. You’re giving interviews to Newsweek under duress? And those “W” pics you shot (and sold) of Angie Jo breastfeeding aren’t a major look into your personal life? Somehow it doesn’t seem like this was a contractual obligation for promoting the ENDLESS “Curious Case Of Benjamin Button”. The one that holds theater-goers virtually hostage for hours.

Brad is sad for rookie Hollywood skanks too. He says he pities those peons who are just getting into the biz, ‘cuz it “sets the wrong focus.” Ah, the actor and his craft are a mighty lofty pair. Maybe Brad should just meditate on his “Pocket Obama” instead. Obama makes EVERYTHING better. It says so right there in the book!

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  1. Pitt doesn’t like to mingle with the little people because he’s much smaller in person; 5′ 9″ to be exact in his bare feet! I did security for Ridley Scott on the set of Thelma & Louise for the on location shots. Scott, the Director, made Pitt stand and practice walking on 4″ high planks when doing his scenes with six foot Geena Davis. I have still photos of these scenes that were taken for the insurance company records. Pitt was an unknown and was always whining and combing his hair in the mirror. He smoked all the time.

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