Breaking Bad Alternate Ending Video Leaked Online [VIDEO]

Have you seen the alternate Breaking Bad ending video that leaked online this past weekend? Unfortunately, the hilarious video was yanked from pretty much everywhere as soon as it hit the Internet. However, we finally found another copy of it out there to share with you, at least for the time being. We’re also more than happy to tell you all about it in case it gets pulled again. In which case, you can watch it for yourself as part of the Breaking Bad boxed set coming out at the end of the month.

Breaking Bad Alternate Ending Video
Breaking Bad alternate ending – Source: YouTube

We don’t know if the Breaking Bad alternate ending video on purpose to drum up advanced interest for the show’s boxed set coming out on Nov. 26 but we suspect that could likely be the case. If not, someone is in seriously deep sh*t. We think if it was indeed a public relations move, however, it was smart one. The alternate Breaking Bad ending video had over 800,000 views on YouTube before it got pulled. Not to mention, of course, the thousands of stories about it all over the web at this point. We looked long and hard and finally found another copy of the video to share below but no guarantees it will stay up.

In the Breaking Bad alternate ending video, star Bryan Cranston as wakes up in bed next to former Malcom in the Middle co-star Jane Kaczmarek. Cranston, who played Hal on the show, tells wife Lois (who was played by Kaczmarek) that he had a terrible nightmare. He says he dreamed he was a drug dealer who cooked meth and killed people.

“I told you not to eat those deep-fried Twinkies,” Lois says. Hal tells her he dreamed he was married to a beautiful, tall blond and she tells him to “keep dreaming!” Hal seems very distraught about his ‘nightmare’ and Lois says, “You grow a beard and suddenly you think you’re Osama bin Laden.”

At the end of the video, Hal tries to make a move on Lois like Walter White did on Anna Gunn’s character Skyler White on Breaking Bad. Louis tells Hal to stop it because she’s trying to sleep. He turns out the light and tells her “Goodnight Skyler.” Oh, and Walter White’s Heisenberg hat is notably slung on the seat of a chair in the bedroom throughout all this.

The spoof alternate Breaking Bad ending video is a play on the iconic ending of the series Newhart, which had the main character wake up from a dream next to his wife from his previous series, The Bob Newhart Show. Unfortunately, now that the videos have been yanked from the Internet and we couldn’t find a reliable source for a copy, you may just have to wait for the Complete Breaking Bad boxed set coming out later this month to see it for yourself.

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