UPDATE: Casey Anthony made a brief appearance before a judge in Orange County, Florida this morning (Saturday). She was silent, and her attorney Jose Baez was at her side. The judge affirmed her $3000 bond on several charges of economic fraud. Casey, however, will NOT be bonding out today. Last night, Bounty hunter Leonard Padilla and his bail-bondsman nephew revoked the $500,000 bond they put up allowing Casey to leave jail for house-arrest at her parents’ home. That bond was set when Casey was originally arrested on charges of child neglect and lying to authorities. She remains the only person of interest in the disappearance of her 3 year old daughter Caylee, approximately 45 days ago.
Casey Anthony, mom of missing toddler Caylee Anthony, has just been led handcuffed from her parents’ house in Orlando, Florida (8:30 pm. ET). A limited-immunity deal was on the table for the missing tot’s mom, but sources now say she has been arrested with new charges, possibly murder, possibly theft/white collar crimes relating to money Casey had stolen from friends and family. She has been taken to jail.

DNA tests run on the trunk of her car were released this week, and were matches with 3 year old Caylee’s. University Of Tennessee’s Body Farm also did air-sampling that confirmed a decomposing body had been in the trunk of the car. The forensic results have been damning, and unfortunately point to the likelihood that little Caylee is dead.

Yuri Melich, lead detective on the case, was one of the men who escorted the handcuffed Casey into a waiting police vehicle. Six or more marked cars arrived at the house while a protest was being held outside. Initially, reporters thought the police were there to disperse the protesters. It soon became evident that they were there for Casey. Her attorney, José Baez was not visibly present, indicating that the police were not there to cut a deal. Casey, as usual, was stonefaced. The crowd was cheering.

A sheriff’s press conference is due shortly. RAW VIDEO OF CASEY’S RE-ARREST HERE. Update: WVTV is reporting that Orange County sheriff’s deputies arrived at the Anthony family home Friday evening and arrested Casey Anthony on charges of forgery, theft and using fraudulent information. The charges stem from allegations Casey took money, possibly from family or friends. “She had used names and checks in an account that didn’t belong to her,” said Capt. Angelo Nieves of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. Anthony was being held on a $3,000 bond Friday night. The sheriff’s press conference said Casey is due to appear in court tomorrow morning at 11:30 am ET. The formal charges are Uttering a Forged Instrument, Fraudulent Use of Personal Information and Petty Theft.

According to an earlier affidavit Casey’s friend Amy Huizenga accused her of using checks from a check book left in Huizenga’s car. Amy had allowed Casey borrow her car while she was out of town. That’s when Amy said Casey used her checks. Capt. Nieves said that investigators also have evidence of Casey using those checks at Target, Bank of America and other places.

Casey’s arrest tonight comes after celebrity bounty hunter Leonard Padilla flip-flopped on his statement that he would revoke Casey’s $500,000 bond and put her back in jail. One wonders if authorities decided to throw Casey back in the slammer on lesser charges because Padilla backed out on doing it himself. Earlier today Casey’s mother, father and brother were served with criminal subpoenas. Officials are still receiving forensic data results in the case, and say they have not released all of their findings to the public. Casey Anthony remains the only person of interest in the disappearance of her young daughter Caylee.

When asked tonight about the possibility that Caylee could still be alive, Captain Angelo Nieves tone seemed somewhat muted when he spoke of the possibility of finding her alive. “We had higher hopes of finding her alive,” Capt. Nieves said. “The possibility of finding her alive has diminished.”

An arrest on economic crimes which was conducted like the one we saw tonight is highly unusual. Normally the accused’s attorney would turn the accused in to authorities. Not only was this arrest made very publicly and with great show of force, it was done by the lead homicide detectives on the Caylee Anthony case. Snarkfood will update this post as new facts become available.

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