Breaking: Divers In Caylee Anthony Case May Have Found Remains

UPDATE: The findings are not human remains, according to authorities. However, there is definitely some dispute about what the bone-looking things are. The divers are still insisting that they looked like bones. However, some authorities even went as far as saying that this was a “Leonard Padilla stunt.” Breaking now is a report that authorities now want to polygraph Leonard Padilla who organized the search. Padilla has reportedly agreed to the polygraph. Nancy Grace is gonna tear somebody a new one tonight. Leonard felt this area was very important because of Casey’s story of nonexistant babysitter Zenaida Gonzales taking Caylee to Jay Blanchard park, where the river is.

Little Caylee Anthony’s remains may have been found. Fox News Orlando affiliate WOFL is just reporting that the professional dive team searching the Little Econ River around Blanchard Park say they have found a garbage bag that was tied down with two bricks, containing what appear to be small bone fragments. The remains were described as resembling “fingers and toes”. A second bag with stuffed animals and a shamrock in it was also found. Shamrocks are significant because they are Casey Anthony’s favorite symbol. The area has been roped off. Reporters are cautioning the public against jumping to conclusions, as this discovery has just been made, and authorities must examine the findings. These professional divers have volunteered their time to search the very dark, muddy, alligator-infested water in hopes of finding Caylee.

Todd Bosinski, the lead diver, who is leading what they are calling a recovery mission for Caylee Anthony’s remains, says they have found a bag that was tied down with two bricks. He says that in that bag they have found what appear to be bone fragments.

In an impromptu news conference, Bosinski said that there was a shamrock inside the bag where the bone fragments were in. He stated they also found a bag with little toys inside.

According to Leonard Padilla, the infamous bounty hunter, the FBI has arrived on the scene. Fox News has confirmed the FBI is there.

The divers were hired by Padilla, and have been combing the waters of the Little Econ River to find the remains of missing 3-year-old Caylee Anthony.

Padilla says the 30 to 40 divers were hired from Black Water Divers. Approximately five divers are in the water now, searching for any signs of the toddler. The dive team specializes in searching areas that are extremely dark, and they said they are going to search until they find Caylee.

Padilla says this is no longer a search, but a recovery mission. The Orange County Sheriffs and the FBI just arrived on the scene. No official confirmation of these findings has been issued. This story is breaking, and Snarkfood will bring updates as soon as they become available.

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  1. It seems like the more people try to help in this case, the more and more Casey comes out the winner.
    Shame on whoever thinks that this is a stunt!
    Padilla will take and pass the lie test.
    Oh Gee……that’s right the Anthony’s are still refusing! What a Crock!

  2. why don’t the cops give her a lie detector? or truth serum? i think that casey used the chloroform on several occasions to knock her out, and i don’t believe this time was an accident. i don’t even think she used chloroform to kill her. i believe she used her bare hands or held her under water! i think that she planned murder with lil caylee still in her womb. why else would she lie about being pregnant? and that she never had sex? cmon!! she didn’t want the child, she was young and wanted to live. she hid the pregnancy for a reason, what did she plan on doing with caylee once she gave birth? i am 31, but when i think about being in jail, and how frightening that must be… i would crack! i can not have kids, it makes me sick of the woman that can, and then abuse the god given right! give lil caylee to me, i would love her! i also believe that CINDY talked her into having the child. CINDY probably pro mised CASEY that she would take care of her. once the child arrived, CINDY realized it was a big responsabilty it was to take on, and strated to put preasure on CASEY to do her part! that was never the agreement! so CASEY killed that beautiful baby girl! they are all at fault. they are all BABY KILLERS!

  3. I hope the women in the prison are beating the hell outta that bitchat everyday, they said they hate baby killers and women beaters and child rapist in prison, i hope she is at the top of the list, she could have given the poor kid up for adoption, she didnt have to kill her, and i bet it had something to do with wanting her freedom for some damn man, that didnt want her with a kid. She is going to have a long time to sit back and think about this dumb shit she has done, and regret and regret and regret and regret for the rest of her young life. If and when she gets out she will be older than I and her fun and play days will be a thing of the past, while she is in their rotting life on the outside will go on, rott in peace, rest in peace little caylee sweetheart, ur in Gods hands now…

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