Bristol Palin might win DWTS, despite not being able to dance

Suspicion and anger are growing as to why Bristol Palin continues to remain a contender on Dancing with the Stars, despite the fact that she’s a terrible dancer and is consistently given the lowest scores every week.  Palin is still in the running to win the entire competition, a prospect which some say is due to her mother pulling some strings.

Sarah Palin, of course, denies meddling in any DWTS affairs, but as people get angrier and angrier at Bristol Palin’s continued presence on the show, things are coming to the breaking point.  One Wisconsin man already lost his mind with rage over Bristol Palin’s lack of talent, and destroyed his television with a shotgun after watching this week’s show.

8 thoughts on “Bristol Palin might win DWTS, despite not being able to dance”

  1. People like me are voting for Bristol. I don’t even live in the US and am not American, and obviously not involved in American politics, so forget that excuse.

    I am proud of Bristol’s dancing, considering how much she has learned, and how hard she has worked. This is a very young girl who like most of us made mistakes in life, but is a decent person nevertheless. She is trying to turn things around something of her life.

    I want to encourage Bristol, and I’ll bet a lot of us who are voting for her feel the same. We like her dancing and her spirit.

    Go Bristol! Hope she wins.

  2. Here is what so many of you are missing: A HUGE number of Americans, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, alike, are voting for Bristol Palin because they can relate to being told they are not enough. Everybody keeps talking about how she is not skilled enough, she not thin enough, she’s not emotive enough…but nobody ever talks about her EFFORT! Nobody seems to care how hard she has been working. Well, lots of Americans can relate to that. In my opinion, Bristol Palin is THE PEOPLES’ DANCER! And when she dances, she is dancing for all of us Americans who have been told we are not enough…that we’re not pretty/handsome enough, that we’re not smart enough, that we’re not talented enough, that we’re not thin enough, etc. If I have my way, Bristol Palin will win the whole thing! GO BRISTOL PALIN, THE PEOPLES’ DANCER!!!

  3. Come on people, wake up. It’s nice to support someone who is trying, but keep in mind that she has put on over 14 lbs. since the beginning of the show, if a person was really trying, they would be loosing weight due to the increased exercise. The whole show has become a complete joke,and unfortunately portends the future of the USA. A laughing stock of the World!!

  4. Why is everyone picking on Bristol? Kyle also beat out Brandy. I think Brandy is being a sore loser. Kyle is certainly a better dancer than Bristol and personally I hope Kyle wins. But he also is not the dancer that Brandy was. It’s all about who votes. Get over it.

  5. It’s all about the voting and as someone in here already said, even non-Americans are voting just to vote for Bristol. I just think it’s in REALLY poor taste to mess with the 2012 presidential election by hijacking a dance competition for stars to campaign for Sarah PALIN. I’m under no illusion that this is all about politics. I read that Bristol GAINED fourteen pounds while rehearsing several hours a day five days a week. She doesn’t even LOOK like she’s trying or even enjoying DANCING. Bristol may win but I will campaign my hardest so no one I know votes for Sarah Palin. Luckily, non-Americans aren’t yet allowed to vote for PRESIDENT.

  6. I thought that it was all about being the best dancer. If she wins, she’ll become a total joke; nothing could be worse for her. Apparently, none of SP’s supporters thought of that one. And I’ve heard that in addition to her supporters stuffing the votes for her, they also blocked the lines of the other contestants. I guess we already knew what they were all about.Nice

  7. To all the Bristol supporters. I don’t mind people voting for their favorites, but keep in mind why you are ‘asked’ to vote. If you voted in a political election based on how good someone looked, you would be considered a moron. At the same token, if you are judging a dance competition on anything OTHER than skill, you are one too. Also, every time someone wins, another looses. So think about the poor loosers who ALSO gave it their best efforts and were considerable better than Bristol, and who ALSO feel pain and sadness. (ie. the tears in their eyes) I’d rather resign a show than continue in a competition where I’m clearly not the best but get promoted ahead of my abilities by outside influences. But of course that would take some backbone.

  8. Obviously, they ARE morons. This whole uprising has been based upon organizing the morons and capturing the moron vote. The underlying premise is that intelligence, reason, and logic, don’t matter. It works because stupid people identify with others who are like them, but slightly more articulate. It’s “The Day of the Locust” time.

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