British Moms Are Pissed At Miley Cyrus

Tween queen Miley Cyrus has had her share of scandals, from racy pics to naughty candy. Some people just say “leave Miley alone” ‘cuz she’s just a victim! Others are getting pretty critical, since most of Miley’s racy pics were taken by Miley! Now it seems British mothers have had enough, and are banning her toys and dolls from their homes.

Some angry parents at the Disney store in London told Fox News that their kids still want to buy the dolls and toys, but they feel Miley

“is now of an unsuitable nature for a 15-year-old megastar.”

The moms are OVER Miley’s controversial pictures which keep popping up on the web. We all know the latest set of pictures were published after they were hacked from Miley’s email account. Still, Miley’s racy self-pics for Nick Jonas aren’t setting well with tween moms and dads. Hannah Montana is EVERYWHERE, and has a huge influence on her young fans.

Snarkista told papa Billy Ray that he needed to get that shotgun out, and now he might wanna think about hiding the i-phone! Miley’s already wanting to do a “Sex and The Sequel”, and she’s 15. When she’s 18 and has control of her millions, it’s gonna be too late to straighten her out. British moms apparently aren’t gonna wait and see.