Britney does a secret Vegas performance

On Friday evening in Las Vegas, Britney Spears returned to the stage fro the first time since 2009, and although she was looking good and sounding not too bad, there were mixed reviews from the people who actually saw the performance.

Spears did a modest three-song set at Rain night club in which she seemed to be returning to form somewhat, but some of the audience members were quick to point out that there wasn’t much in the way of choreography, and that what made Brit look good were the costume changes rather than anything she actually did or sang.  Britney herself, however, gave the performance a great review, saying that it felt really good to be back on stage again.

3 thoughts on “Britney does a secret Vegas performance”

  1. I would never let my daughters watch Britney perform… what is she thinking? Slutty, suggestive, even whorish! She should be ashamed of herself. She abandoned the fans that made her big, and jumped into the sleazy world of sex, which I suppose is all she really has anymore. Aside from being a disastrous role model to our kids (and hers), she is a talentless hack trying to stay in the limelight.

    Shut it down Britney, and focus on becoming a functioning, productive member of society!

  2. Alexm, you say you won’t let your daughters watch BRITNEY because she is slutty? HM..HRM…
    Letting them watch a BRITNEY performance is not going to change something they are already good at! You sound like a stern father. Do you even let them keep a few dollars from their tricks? Do you have the hotel room you rent for these encounters bugged so you can watch from another room with your hand down your pants? Don’t like me being mean to you do ya?
    Cry…I hope so! Now maybe you’ll think twice before trashing someone else and remember how I made you feel! That’s if you can feel…

  3. folks go back to your corner and come out fighting cleanly it wasnt a bad show its always been about the clothes and the lip synching if you like fashion shows youll like a britney spears performance.nobody expects her to have talent its not about that.

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