Britney Spears to appear on Glee tonight

I’ve always been kind of lukewarm about Glee, but it looks like tonight’s episode is going to be worth watching, whether you follow the show or not. They’re doing a Britney Spears theme this time, and apparently Britney herself is going to be appearing. The cast have been really talking it up on YouTube, and from what I’ve seen of the teasers, it’s going to be pretty hot. Okay, it might be kind of boring to see Britney doing stuff that’s not nutso crazy, but come on – the woman is 28 years old now, it’s about time for her to grow up and get her comeback rolling. While Hollywood is much more forgiving these days of women daring to try to start over after the age of 30, it can be much more difficult, so if she can really make an effort this time, she’s got a two-year head start.