Britney Takes It All Off In “Womanizer” Video: Still Crazy

Fair warning, this is Not Safe For Work, children, the elderly, or dogs. Britney Spears debuted her “comeback” video to her 5-note song “Womanizer” last night after 20/20. The show had to cover Britney up with some steam because she is completely naked in parts of the video, and the FCC would consider it BEYOND a “wardrobe malfunction.” Oh, she’s still crazy…she tells you herself in the video. And still has multiple personalities. Whaddaya do for an encore to this?

So, if you don’t want to see Britney naked, making copies of her butt on the office Xerox machine, doing the “stripper hair flip”, or driving a car with her stiletto… don’t watch this. Also don’t watch if you don’t want the very synthesized and extremely annoying “Womanizer” stuck in your head. ‘Cuz trust Snarkista, it WILL be, and you’ll be banging your cranium all day to get it out. If this is what starting your career with Disney will do- Billy Ray Cyrus better lock up Miley NOW.

One thought on “Britney Takes It All Off In “Womanizer” Video: Still Crazy”

  1. I don’t know what she did to get back into shape but Brit looks great naked !!! She should have done all the scenes in the buff !!I did think the scene where she’s in the swerving car was appropriate !!!

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