Britney Ventures Out

Britney Spears popped in Saturday night at Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey’s fundraiser for Generation Rescue, an organization dedicated to researching autism. Jenny has been an outspoken advocate for autism research because of her autistic son. She’s become quite knowledgeable on the affliction that now affects 1 in 100 children.

Britney looked great and seemed really happy,” says a partygoer at the shindig at Jim and Jenny’s home in Brentwood. She kept close to her assistant Brett and didn’t speak to other guests, “She smiled and clapped during the video about autism. She was very into the information and watched a little bit of the dancers from Dancing with the Stars, sneaking out during one of the performances.”

Members of Britney’s family believe that her father Jamie has kept her alive. An insider tells The Sun:

He has been her savior. It was a horrible period and she was on the brink of disaster but she looks wonderful now. You can see the happiness in her eyes.

Jamie has put an end to Britney’s all-night benders on Red Bull and amphetamine-based prescription drug Adderall, the erratic drives around LA and the late-night shopping sprees. After her settlement with Kevin Federline regarding custody of their children, Britney seems determined to come back- both personally and professionally.

Britney’s dad has also kept some of her most troublesome pals away as well. Her former “manager” Sam Lufti has been served with a restraining order and Britney is only allowed supervised visits with on-off boyfriend, British photographer Adnan Ghalib. He is not allowed to stay the night with her.

She’s reportedly channeling her anger at her mother AND Justin Timberlake into her upcoming album, having penned several songs directed expressly at them. Her mom gets slapped for being a money-hungry user- Britney says she treated her like an ATM. And Justin? Britney says he wasn’t her first, saying she was “already bad” before they finally slept together.

Hopefully venting her anger will help Britney and not stir up more venom for her to hold in. It’s good to see her looking better, but Papa Jamie still has a way to go before turning loose of the reins again.