Britney’s Being Herself For Madonna

Britney Spears has filmed her video short for Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet tour and it’ll reportedly be shown at the opening of each show. E! News posted the following description of the video:

The planned “short movie” will take place inside an elevator, where seven cameras will be strategically placed to capture the magic. The scene-by-scene breakdown goes like this:
Britney, partially disguised by a gray hoodie, walks into the elevator. As she starts traveling upward, she seems particularly nervous and anxious. The popster starts pacing back and forth. Then she progresses to kicking and smacking the walls, all frantic-like. She screams into one of the cameras. Then she starts climbing the wall, pulls down her hood and, into another camera, says: “It’s Britney, bitch.”

Yawn. Madonna could’ve saved a BUNCH of coin by mashing together some news footage of Britney from the past 3 years. WTF is up with Britney’s “short movie”? Did Daddy Spears need some extra cash to pay psychiatric bills? Is the “Britney Economy” sucking as bad as the REST of the economy? Good thing most concert-goers will have the scoop on the pre-vid, ‘cuz they’d be saying WTF too. The “little people” aren’t shelling out $300 plus for some leftover Brit-Brit shizz! Snarkista’s not convinced that Britney’s back!

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