Camille Grammer suffering from diarrhea of the mouth

It’s always embarrassing when couples get divorced and then one of them can’t stop badmouthing the other one in public, but Camille Grammer just keeps sinking deeper and deeper into unattractive bitterness.  Last week Camille told Howard Stern that her ex-husband, actor Kelsey Grammer, likes to cross-dress, but she has now decided to claim that the cross-dressing statement was a joke, even though she had previously told quite a few other people that it was true.

I cannot imagine what Camille thinks she’s accomplishing.  Even if Kelsey does like to don a miniskirt from time to time, who cares?  I’d rather be known as a cross-dressing man than as a woman who has nothing better to do than blab secrets about her ex-husband.  You stay classy, Camille!

2 thoughts on “Camille Grammer suffering from diarrhea of the mouth”

  1. She already proved she doesn’t have a lot of class on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills show, so this does not surprise me that she’s continuing to be classless. What Kelsey did sucks, yes, but she’ll get little sympathy for that with the way she is handling things.

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