Carrie Prejean’s Brother Would Watch Her Sex Tapes

In what has got to be the grossest quote yet to come out of the whole Carrie Prejean sex tape scandal, her own brother, Billy Arnone, said he’d watch his sister in action if the tapes get published!


What the hell is wrong with this family? I mean, we get it, men like porn and they’ll watch just about anything with a naked woman in it. But admitting you’d watch your own sister in a sex tape is disgusting enough to make me throw up a little in my mouth. Yet, that’s exactly what he did, saying, “If they were put in front of me I’d probably watch it.”

Billy Arnone offered up this nasty bit of information in an interview with Not only does he express his interest in incestuous porn viewing, he also pretty much throws his sister under the bus.


When asked if Carrie Prejean was indeed of legal age when she made the sex tapes and nude photos – as she has adamantly stated – he at first says she was “19 years old” before backtracking. “Or 17 years old,” he corrects himself. “Whatever, she was a teenager.” He admitted, however, he doesn’t see how Prejean can prove she was indeed a minor when she shot the videos.

If I were Carrie Prejean, I’d be disowning this weirdo pronto – and keeping the hell away from this pervert permanently.

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2 thoughts on “Carrie Prejean’s Brother Would Watch Her Sex Tapes”

  1. I love this trailer trash Christian hypocrite family. Incest, sex tapes, mother is a lesbian. Family get togethers at the Trailer Park must be a blast.

  2. I “met” her mother–Francine–on She actually posted pictures of her daughter (but not the wacko son) on her profile. All she could could do is talk about her daughter Carrie. What a flake! She was with Carrie when we spoke and I hung up the phone during the conversation. I would love to talk to her mother now. 🙂

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