Carrie Prejean Sex Tape Video Free on the Web? Watch Out!

Rumor has it someone out there has made available the Carrie Prejean sextape video free as a download on the Net. Eager would-be viewers are slamming the Web with searches for a torrent of the file, but instead of a naked Carrie Prejean, they’re far more likely to get an Internet STD.


Believe me, had the Carrie Prejean sextape video actually landed on the Net, the tabloids would be proclaiming the leak at the top of their collective lungs. The New York Post would probably post pictures from it – like they did of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews’ nude photos from that stalker peephole video. Well, maybe they wouldn’t stoop that low. Because, after all, Carrie Prejean was only 17 when she made that tape, so technically that video and any photos from it would be child pornography. (We should note, Prejean’s alleged boyfriend at the time says she asked him to lie and say she was 17 when the video was made. He claims she was actually 20.)

As far as we are aware, the Carrie Prejean video is NOT out there, at least not yet. So those naughty folks visiting sites claiming to have a download of it, or those unfortunates who have downloaded a torrent from one of these sites – you’d better hope your antivirus software is really, really good. Because you probably have a nasty virus or malware munching its way through your computer right now.

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