Casey Anthony: Officials Release Hundreds Of Court Documents Today

Florida State Investigators released hundreds of pages of documents in the Casey Anthony case today. Casey, mother of tot Caylee Anthony who has been missing since June 16th. Highlights include hundreds of text-messages from the text-addict Casey, discussing party plans and relationship woes. She mentions little about her small daughter, Caylee, and admitted to a family member that she was an unfit mother.

Casey also thought ahead about the smell of decomposition in her car, and alerted her friends that a squirrel had died in the trunk. Yeah. Casey, as we all know, would not know the truth if it smacked her in the face. Or rather, would not TELL the truth. Read the documents here.
Warning- It’s a LOT. And it will piss you off. If you haven’t heard the police interrogation tapes where you can HEAR Casey lie, lie, lie, do so here.

8 thoughts on “Casey Anthony: Officials Release Hundreds Of Court Documents Today”

  1. Casey Anthony deserves death. She killed her baby girl. I do feel so sorry for the grandparents, but they have to wake up and realize their daughter is a monster! How can they believe that Caylee is alive? I feel so bad for them, to think you raised a monster like Casey. God help them! RIP Caylee.

  2. I hope the other inmates teach Casey Anthony a lesson in jail. They say if go to jail for harming a child they will kill you, or hurt you real bad. Sorry to say Casey I hope you have a good beating coming. May your soul burn in the pit of hell forever.
    RIP Caylee

  3. Casey Anthony is a true sociopath, which means, that she will never feel ANY remorse for the murder of Calee. Of course, she will feel remorse for HERSELF because it’s all about HER.

    Her parents have lied for her over and over. I wonder if that is where she discovered how to lie and deny.

    I feel that the search team will find Caylee’s little body. I pray they do. However, if that happens, I still think the grandparents will deny that it is her.

  4. I always had a feeling from the beginning that somehow her brother Lee was involved……low and behold it is now coming out. Bastard!

  5. dont feel sorry for the grandparents they knoe casey killed caylee and they are liars just like she is goerge dont worry about being next to caylee in heaven first of all u r going to hell for lying about casey u know she did it and u act like shes innocent u seriously think god wud let u near his angel caylee after u lie for her killer mom casry god wil strike u down to hell u lost caylee the day u lied to cover up casey killing caylee and cindy just admit u helped hide the body give it up tel the truth cunt cindy

  6. I think that this woman is just sick. they should kill her the way she killed Caylee. how they hell could someone kill such a beautiful, pure child? its just sick and they can go rot in the deepest darkest hottest place in hell and that still wouldnt be enough. i hate to think of the pain that little 3 year old had to go through. may she live forever by God’s side and may this new angel’s story help stop others from doing this to another innocent child.

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