Casey Anthony Parents Dr. Phil Season Premiere Interview

George and Cindy Anthony, Casey Anthony‘s parents, will appear on the season 10 premiere of Dr. Phil on Tuesday. In the exclusive interview, Casey Anthony’s parents talk for the first time since their daughter was found not guilty of murdering her two-year-old toddler, Caylee Anthony.

Dr. Phil McGraw grills Casey Anthony’s parents about what they knew in regard to Caylee Anthony’s disappearance and death. Dr. Phil asks George and Cindy Anthony about the odor they smelled in daughter Casey Anthony’s car while Caylee Anthony was missing. They admit the car did smell like a dead body, but refuse to say whether they believe their granddaughter’s body was in the car. “Truthfully, to this day, I don’t know to be honest,” George Anthony said. “I don’t want to believe it… All I know is Caylee is not with us anymore. I know that.”

Cindy Anthony refutes accusations that her husband knew where their granddaughter’s body was all along. “George would have never put us through those six months of not knowing where Caylee was. I watched his heart-break every single day. And I watched him as frantic as he was,” she said.

Cindy Anthony also denied there was anything mysterious behind the MySpace message she posted about her granddaughter 12 days before she reported the two-year-old had vanished. “My Caylee is missing. She came into my life unexpectedly just as she has left me. Jealousy has taken her away, jealousy from the one person that should be thankful for all the love and support given to her,” the post said. Cindy Anthony told Dr. Phil the message was meant figuratively and she did not know that Caylee had really disappeared.

“Caylee was missing in my heart that day. She wasn’t missing physically, in the sense, because I thought I knew where she was at,” Cindy said. “I wanted Casey to know how much she was hurting me, I thought she was purposely keeping Casey away from me.” Both of Casey Anthony’s parents continue to deny they had any part in Caylee Anthony’s death or in covering up what happened to her.

George and Cindy Anthony also revealed to Dr. Phil that they believe a previously undisclosed medical condition suffered by Casey Anthony may have somehow contributed to the death of their granddaughter and the subsequent cover-up by Casey Anthony.

Cindy Anthony told Dr. Phil that Casey Anthony suffered from Gran Mal seizures, evidence of a “mental health condition” that may have prevented her from keeping Caylee Anthony from drowning “in the swimming pool incident.” She also said the seizures might be indicative of a condition that makes it hard to “sort fact from fiction” and be “why she can’t tell the truth.”

Dr. Phil said on MSNBC’s Today show that George and Cindy Anthony were not paid for their appearance, but an undisclosed amount of money was donated to Caylee Anthony’s non-profit fund.

Part one of the interview with Casey Anthony’s parents will air on the Dr. Phil premiere will air on Tuesday at 4PM. Part two of the Dr. Phil interview will air the next day.

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