Casey Anthony Rearrested AGAIN

They should really look into putting a revolving door on the Orange County, Florida jail for Casey Anthony. The stonewalling, lying, sociopath mother of missing toddler Caylee Anthony was rearrested again today. This time, Casey got faked out! Casey had to go to the jail to visit her case manager, and while she was there they popped her for more theft charges. Sweet!

Casey’s already been charged with economic crimes against her friend Amy, whose checkbook Casey stole and promptly used to clean Amy out. Today she got slapped with new charges from the cleaning job. She’s due to have a hearing tomorrow. This is the THIRD time Casey’s been arrested, and the list of crimes she is now charged with are child neglect, making false statements to investigators, and ten counts of theft. She is technically looking at 67 years in jail if convicted. Not that she’d get more than a few years. Casey also cleaned out her grandparents’ assisted-living fund, so expect her to have some more arrests in her future. Let’s hope one of them is for murder.

This re-arrest should cause Casey to miss at least a day or two of cable TV at her attorney Jose Baez’s office. That’s where she hangs every day, all day long. Hanging, and stonewalling the police. Her parents’ house is bugged, and there are tons of protesters in the front yard 24/7. Maybe the poor neighbors will get a little sleep tonight.

If you missed them, take the time to listen to the police interrogation tapes of Casey and try to count all the lies she tells. It would make a GREAT drinking game if it weren’t so effin’ tragic. And you’d die of alcohol poisoning.

One thought on “Casey Anthony Rearrested AGAIN”

  1. Tape 2 investigator talks to much. her only response is uh huh. they know she is liar. You cant engage, coerce nor try to convince her to tell the truth. OCS comments are not even registering in her mind. She needs the bottom line told told to her in a simple, concrete manner. You are a liar, we have evidence, we have attempted to work with u and we will send your ass to prison for life! no parties, no freinds, no nanny’s nothing. my guess is she does not know where the child is b/c she put her in a dumpster and its gone. Too much time lapsed. They said they searched the landfill but Orlando is a large metro area and it could be any dumpster. She did not have Kaylee in the car when she ran out of gas. The child was pt in a dmpster on or around guess

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