Casey Anthony Released But Remains a Prisoner to Fear

Casey Anthony may have been released from jail, but that doesn’t mean she has much in the way of freedom yet. Casey Anthony was acquitted of the murder of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony, and was released from prison on Sunday. Because of the serious possibility she could be in danger, however, Anthony is almost still a virtual prisoner even now.

The current location of Casey Anthony in this, her first week out of jail, is a secret known to very few. Her lawyers say that heavy precautions have been taken to protect Anthony from those who might have a “lynch-mob mentality” against her.

“She’s gone, she’s safe and elaborate plans had to be made to keep the people away from her,” Anthony’s attorney, Cheney Mason, told NBC’s Today Show on Monday. “Her life is going to be very difficult for a very long time…”

Another of Anthony’s former attorneys, Terry Lenamon, sais he thinks it would be safest if Anthony goes “underground” and spends some time “to get her life back together.”

On Friday, Anthony’s legal defense team said they had received at least one death threat against her via e-mail. Threatening messages and comments have been posted against Anthony online all over since she was acquitted of Caylee’s murder.

Some jurors from the Casey Anthony trial are still distressed over the verdict they handed down on the case. Several have admitted they believe Anthony had some responsibility in Caylee Anthony’s death, but that prosecutors did not present enough evidence to prove anything.

Although Casey was acquitted of murder, she will still face a number of civilian lawsuits over the cost of the search for her daughter. Anthony was found guilty of lying to police about her daugther being abducted after she failed to report the toddler was missing for a month.

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