Casey Anthony Video Diary Makes No Mention of Daughter Caylee

When I first saw the alleged Casey Anthony video diary that has surfaced online, I could not actually believe it was for real. After all, the woman in the video does not even mention the deceased daughter she was accused of killing as she jokes around about finally being able to “call something mine.” The video is in such extremely bad taste that it felt like it had to be a fake.

Sadly, it isn’t. In fact, NBC News has confirmed that the Casey Anthony video diary, recorded on October 13, is authentic. The 4 1/2 minute video, which was posted on and Youtube and aired Thursday on the Today show, is the real deal — which makes it all that more disturbing.

In the Casey Anthony video diary, the acquitted murder suspect appears very different than when she was last in front of the video cameras as her “not guilty” verdict was read last July. In the video, Anthony sports a short, dyed blond hair cut and bulky black glasses.
During her ‘diary’ recording, Anthony says she is “extremely excited” that she is now “able to Skype and obviously keep a video log, take some pictures and that I have something that I can finally all mine.”

Anthony does not mention Caylee Anthony, the daughter she was accused of murdering, even once in the video. She avoids all mention of the six-week murder trial that led to her acquital. Instead, she simply says that “things are starting to look up and things are starting to change in a good way… They’ll only get better.”

Caylee Anthony was found dead five months after she was reported missing in July of 2008. Yet, Anthony does not express any grief over her lost daughter or even mention her at all, instead focusing on her own loneliness while in hiding from the paparazzi and those who still think she is guilty of her daughter’s murder.

“This has just been such a blessing in so many ways and now I, in some ways, have someone to talk to when I’m by myself so I’m not bothering the poor dog who I’ve adopted and I love and he’s as much my dog as any of the other pets I’ve ever had,” she says lightly of her video blogging — which she says she plans to continue.”

“So, this is the end of my first video log. I’ll probably do another one later…maybe I’ll bring the dog, who knows?” Anthony says. “But this is again the first of many and I’m looking forward to this. It’s going to be scary because I hate being on camera, but, I don’t know, I need to conquer that fear at some point…this is a good start. So, here’s hoping. It’s the end of the first, just the beginning.”

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  1. Is that really our cute & classy Casey Anthony in the video? Wonder why she would cut her long, lustrous, lovely light-brown hair? Wonder if her fans will be able to communicate with her?

  2. She’s a convicted liar. Her lawyer claims this was stolen and not posted by Anthony. Do I believe her and her lawyer? Do I even care?

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