Casey Anthony’s Brother Lee Anthony Lawyers Up

There has been a lot of speculation about indicted Casey Anthony’s brother Lee Anthony, ranging from the plausible (obstruction of justice) to the bizarre (incest). Lee’s been pretty quiet for a while, and has been laying low for the past several months. It seems, however, that the heat is on for brother Lee, and he’s hired himself a lawyer too. Now, parents George and Cindy, Lee as well as Casey Anthony are all legally covering their collective asses. None of the Anthonys have been cooperative and truthful with investigators from start to finish in the Caylee/Casey Anthony investigation.

Lee has hired attorney Thomas Luka, who says that while the Florida State Attorney’s Office has not filed any charges against his client, it could still happen.

“It’s possible criminal charges could be filed if the state feels that Lee Anthony mislead law enforcement officials or tampered with evidence in any way.”

While Luka maintains Lee has fully cooperated with authorities, hiring an attorney was the right move because Lee and his parents are also considered witnesses in the case against Casey.

Luka said, so far, the state has not subpoenaed his client to testify. However, if that happens, Luka said he’ll make sure Lee gets full immunity from any possible charges he might face. There has been speculation that Lee is the father of murdered little Caylee Anthony. Authorities say they know who Caylee’s father is, but have not released the information to the public. It could possibly come out during Casey Anthony’s murder trial.

Caylee’s body was found very near the Anthony home, but before it was positively identified, Cindy and George asked for a full immunity deal. Why would the Anthony’s want an immunity deal now? Attorney Brad Conway confirmed that grandparents of Caylee Anthony knowingly provided “conflicting statements” to police in the past. Will both Cindy and George Anthony be charged with obstruction of justice charges as well? The plot thickens.

9 thoughts on “Casey Anthony’s Brother Lee Anthony Lawyers Up”

  1. Cindy and Lee should both be arrested and charged—–The lies they intentionally told and the things Cindy Anthony has done is criminal…

  2. I too think Lee Anthony is Caylee’s dad – look at this pic and the Caylee pic with her hands on the chin looking up at the sky…. Either him or George…..

  3. I think that Ciny and Lee should both be arrested.. Any other family would have been arrested long ago for the lies they have told, plus the tampering of evidence that Cindy did. Its like they are thumbing their nose at everyone in law enforcement and the justice system in general. Why wasnt the murdering mother MADE to have a lie detector test and why wasnt the brother Lee MADE to have one if he was a suspect. I hope they put Casey into the public population when she finally goes to jail for good so she gets what really coming to her!

  4. I dont know wat ppl mean by sayin lee is the caylees dad! Do ya seriously think they are that sick

  5. No Dee, The Uncle Daddy comments are nothing but speculation and rumor. Not one fact to back it up.
    If Lee is guilty of anything It would be trying to cover up for his dim witted, murdering sister.
    If I were Lee I would never speak to anyone about this case again after all the heat he’s taken because of Casey.
    Say what you may about Cindy but if it wasn’t for her throwing a fit to 911, no one would even know little Caylee was missing yet!

  6. I also think that either Lee or George is the father of Caylee…Just a suspicion I had from the very beginning.

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