Charlie Sheen checks into rehab, big surprise

It’s probably no surprise to anyone that Charlie Sheen, the undisputed king of the out-of-control Vegas bender, has finally checked himself into rehab.  Last week Charlie was hospitalized with abdominal pains that turned out to be a hiatal hernia, after a 36-hour party that involved porn stars and a briefcase full of cocaine.

Apparently this was finally the wake-up call that was needed, and Charlie has now gone into a treatment facility for substance and alcohol abuse.  Lindsay Lohan, of all people, was quoted as saying that she was concerned about Charlie’s health – you know you’re in trouble if LiLo is a goody two-shoes by comparison.

Lindsay Lohan gets a couple of sober friends

Lindsay Lohan is finally making a few smart decisions in her life about friends and role models – she currently has at least one sober friend, and a new sober roommate.  Tom Hardy, one of the stars of Inception, has been sober for nearly eight years, and was introduced to LiLo recently in the hopes that she would listen to someone who has been where she is now, tempted to fall back into the same old patterns.

As for the roommate, Lindsay is currently living with a girl she met at Betty Ford, one who apparently can’t afford to pay rent – Lindsay is letting her live there for free.  The girl may be a freeloader, but at least she’s sober, so it’s a step in the right direction.

Chelsea Handler gets catty about Angelina Jolie

Not one to ever let go of a grudge she’s not even really involved with, Chelsea Handler spoke to her audience at her recent Newark show to let everyone know just how she feels about the years-old Aniston-vs-Jolie issue.  Calling Angelina a “homewrecker,” she went on to say that she finds Angelina to be fake and bitchy, and then used some other descriptive words, many of which began with “F” and “C.”  Wow, that’s a lot of anger to be holding onto.

Chelsea finished up her rant by adding that she completely understands why Angelina doesn’t have any friends, because no one in their right mind would want to befriend her.  Ouch.

Christina Aguilera semi-nude photos leaked

Some pretty racy photos of Christina Aguilera in various stages of undress have been leaked to the internet after they were stolen from Christina’s stylist’s email account by an opportunistic hacker.  Christina took photos of herself in a walk-in closet, wearing various sexy outfits that often showed parts of her lady bits, and emailed the photos to her stylist for review.

After the hacker obtained the photos from the email account, they were sold to the highest bidder, and now they’re all over the internet.  Naturally, both Christina and her stylist are furious, and are vowing to take aggressive legal action.  While I understand that the hacker is entirely at fault here and I don’t condone blaming victims… what kind of professional stylist leaves copies of clients’ photos on a remote server like that?  It seems careless to me.

Dr. Laura decides to take her racism elsewhere

Dr. Laura “N-Bomb” Schlessinger isn’t satisfied to quit while she’s only slightly behind.  The controversial right-wing advice guru ran into a lot of trouble back in August when she used the N-word no fewer than 11 times while talking on air to an African-American woman, a move which prompted floods of criticism and resulted in Schlessinger “deciding” not to renew her contract after it expires at the end of the year.

Instead, she’s moving a couple of doors down to Sirius XM Radio, where apparently they don’t care how much hate speech she spouts, or how many centuries ago her advice might have been relevant.  This is very likely the beginning of the end for her career, as she seeks more marginalized environments where she can say whatever crazy nonsense pops into her mouthy little head.

Demi Lovato’s rage issues are drug-induced after all

Last week it was reported that Demi Lovato was going into anger management and rehab for her emotional control issues, after she provoked a very one-sided fight with a dancer that she imagined a conflict with.  Lovato’s people were quick to point out that it was simply stress that had led to the breakdown and rage problems, but now it turns out that other sources have some additional information.

College student Brian Payne has allegedly been out partying with the teen pop princess, and he says that she was drinking hard liquor straight from the bottle, and snorting cocaine like there was no tomorrow.  Supposedly there’s actually a video of Lovato snorting said coke, and as soon as that hits the internet (if it hasn’t already), the “she’s not a druggie” claims will pretty much be finished.

Lil Wayne may have another Lil Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne, who has four children on the books already, may be about to add a fifth to the roster.  An eight-year-old girl’s grandmother got a court order that requires Wayne to take a paternity test to determine whether he’s the father of the girl.  Originally the test was supposed to happen in September, but since Wayne was in jail at the time, the judge allowed an extension on the order, and now Wayne has until the 9th of December to hand over a sample of his DNA.

What makes this particularly interesting is that the girl doesn’t seem to have a mother anywhere in the picture – it’s only the grandmother’s name on the court order.  Guess we’ll learn more in December.