CBS Big Brother 14 Recap: The First Eviction Nominations Are Named!

In our Big Brother 14 recap tonight, the first Head of Household of the season will nominate two or the new Big Brother 2012 cast houseguests to go up on the eviction block. Also on tonight’s episode, we will learn what ‘new power’ the veteran players will be able to earn in a special competition just for them.

Who will end up having to fight to stay in the house this week after being nominated for eviction? Read on in our live Big Brother 14 recap of Sunday’s nomination episode and find out with us! (Or if you just can’t wait another minute to find out the nominations, you can check out the Big Brother 2012 spoilers on those here.)


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers for Sunday night’s nominations episode. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened.

Last week on the Big Brother 14 premiere, the 12 new housguests in the Big Brother 2012 cast were split into four teams under the coaching of veteran returning players Britney Haynes, Janelle Pierzina, Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin, and Dan Gheesling. The veteran players are not competing against the newbies, but rather playing their own game to win $100,000 if one of their team members ends up as the Big Brother 14 winner.

The four teams had to battle it out in the first Head of Household competition of the season. Team Britney Haynes came out on top, and the team leader was given the choice of who to pick as the first HoH. Britney chose to make Willie Hantz, brother of Survivor Villain Russell Hantz, the first Head of Household.

The losing team, lead by veteran Dan Gheesling, was forced to send one of their members home before they even got the chance to spend a single night in the Big Brother 14 house. After considering each of his team players, Dan Gheesling decided to evict restaurant server Jodi Rollins in favor of keeping model/Playboy Playmate Kara Monaco and nurse Danielle Murphree.

Now Dan is very worried that one or more of his players might end up nominated for eviction tonight because he just can’t afford to lose another player this early in the game if he wants to make it all the way to the end.

Who will Head of Household Willie Hantz nominate for eviction tonight? Join us for our Big Brother 14 recap of Sunday night’s nomination episode and find out with us!

The alliances in the house start to form as players decide who think their best chance of sticking around for the long term with are. Dan Gheesling and Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin immediately begin talking and it looks like they may be hooking up. Mike really wants Dan on his side.

Noticing something may be brewing between the two male veteran coaches, Janelle Pierzina makes the decision her best bet is to get an alliance going immediately between herself and her team and Britney Haynes and her team.

The Head of Household room is unveiled for Wille Hantz and it is kind of modern jungle themed. As the coach of the Head of Household, Britney Haynes learns she will also get her own room, but she thinks it is too uncomfortably close to Willie.

Britney confers with Janelle’s team about how the biggest threat is probably Dan and they need to knock out his players so he is eliminated. Willie Hantz decides he should confess he is the brother of Russell Hantz from Survivor so he doesn’t look like a sleaze later for not admitting it. Janelle is quite afraid of an alliance between Boogie and Dan. (Considering how powerful Boogie’s alliance with Dr. Will Kirby in Big Brother 2 turned out, she should be.)

Willie Hantz doesn’t just want to rely on the strength of the forming alliance between Team Janelle and Team Britney. He thinks he needs to also be making his own deals with other players. His first choice is Frank Eudy, son of wrestler Sid Vicious. Frank looks to be a potentially strong player for Willie to have on his side.

Frank, of course, runs right to his team coach Mike Boogie and tells him all about Willie approaching him to make a deal. Boogie is happy that Frank is already getting into the game play and making an alliance.

Host Julie Chen announces there will be a new competition for the coaches and the winner will get to pick one of their players to keep safe from being nominated for eviction. The competition involves the veteran coaches dressing up like jockeys and having to race each other and grab each other’s tails.

Mike Boogie ends up as the winner of the competition and he chooses Ian Terry as the player he wants to keep safe. This is a good move because some of the other players, like Janelle and Britney, are thinking Ian is kind of creepy and they don’t like him. Willie is pissed because he thinks it would have been good to nominate Ian.

Each of the team coaches now has to name a person to be a Have-Not and endure cold showers, eat slop, and sleep in the aweful Have-Not room. Dan picks Danielle Murphree, Janelle chooses Ashley Iocco, Mike Boogie chooses Ian, Britney picks Shane Meaney.

Janelle and Britney, now all cozy in their little team alliance, want Willie to put Kara and Frank up for elimination. Willie is not pleased because he was just working a deal with Frank to keep him off the block. Willie really would have preferred to nominate Ian and is annoyed.

Willie gets a lot of attention as the Head of Household and he’s really soaking it all up.

Time comes for the nominations and Willie has to choose the two people who will be put up on the eviction block. Going with the choices of his team coach and their alliance with Janelle, Willie nominates Kara from Team Dan and Frank from Team Boogie. Frank is pissed and Boogie vows he is going to get Willie for nominating his player.

That’s all for our Big Brother 2012 recap for the Big Brother 14 premiere! Join us here again on Sunday night when we bring you our next Big Brother 14 recap.

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