Celebrity Apprentice 2012 Winner Revealed: Live Recap!

The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 finale is here and tonight it will all come down to one final challenge to determine the winner! Will it be former American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken who takes home the prize? Or will foul-mouthed comedian Arsenio Hall become The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 winner? Join us for our The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 live finale recap and find out!


Please be warned this post contains The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 spoilers about the season finale episode! Please do not continue reading if you do not want to know what happened and do not want to know who won The Celebrity Apprentice 2012!

On The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 last week, Donald Trump fired Aubrey O’Day after ripping her a new one and telling her she was totally transparent. Afterward, Aubrey O’Day basically said Donald Trump and anyone else who calls her transparent can go f*ck themselves. What a mouth on that one!

After Audrey O’Day was fired by Donald Trump, that left just two remaining The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 contestants to battle it out for the top prize and the opportunity to slam some major cash to the charity of their choice. On tonight’s The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 finale, Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall will have to conquer one final challenge and convince Donald Trump they deserve to be The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 winner.

Who will be the last one who gets fired? Who will rightfully claim their place as the winner of The Celebrity Apprentice 2012? Let’s get right to our live recap and learn who will emerge the boss and who will go home with their tail between their legs!

We open with Donald Trump on the phone in search of the world’s fastest driver… and here we have racecar driver Mario Andretti! Mario Andretti tells Mr. Trump to beware because riding with him will mess up his trademark hair.

Then we, of course, have a recap of some season highlights to fill up some of the two-hour The Celebrity Apprentice finale. Yada, yada, yada.

Over on Team Arsenio, the comedian is knee-deep in getting ready for his charity event and is talking with his team. Magic Johnson appears in a video to talk about being friends with Arsenio Hall. Paul Teutul Sr. says he looks at Arsenio as a son now.

Clay Aiken, meanwhile, is way over-managing everything and they are getting pretty cranky about it. He really needs to loosen up a little and let some of the details be handled more by his team. Clay Aiken is seriously bossy, who knew? Clay decides to have everyone pitch in to pain his background mural, even drafting Teller, who is there with Penn Jillette.

Live in the studio with an audience, we have the previously eliminated The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 cast members. They make fun of Lou Ferrigno with his 110%. I don’t think that was particularly funny. Victoria Gotti says Lisa Lampanelli and Aubrey O’Day were stupid b*tches. Dayana Mendoza is still upset that her charity money was given to the other team. Tia Carrere questions the crowd about who was a b*tch on the show and everyone shouts out ‘Aubrey’. George Takei, who I think was eliminated far too soon, is fabulous as usual. Lisa Lampanelli, backstabbing her own final team leader, Arsenio Hall,  donated $10,000 to Clay Aiken’s team.

Now we finally get to the two charity parties. Clay Aiken’s carnival looks like fun, but of course he has Penn and Teller to keep things entertaining. Arsenio Hall’s party is not quite as energetic, but he has Whoopi Goldberg as an entertaining guest lending the party more kick. Donald Trump tours the two parties. Clay wants Trump to know he is the one in charge, while Arsenio is still trying to manage party tasks while he shows the Donald around.

The dividers come down between the two parties and now it is just one big charity shindig in the theater. Clays Aiken says it is like the Berlin Wall has come down.

Aubrey O’Day and Lisa Lampanelli, the two hugest, rude, nastiest b*tiches of the whole season, try to defend themselves to no avail. They need to be locked in a closet with each other until they tear each other apart like rabid canibals. That’s a reality show I would happily watch!

Now Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall are introduced and they present the ads for their charities: The Magic Johnson Foundation for Arsenio and the National Inclusion Project for Clay. Both ads are quote good.

Next Adam Corolla comes up for Team Arsenio, followed by Paul Teutul Sr. Lisa Lampanelli does some snarky jokes and airs some jibes bout Clay Aiken being gay. So stupid. Arsenio Hall comes back up for his comedy schtick and says he is feeling comfy up there even though it has been ten years.

Clay Aiken’s turn comes next and he says he does not want to lose because he does not want to be a runner-up again. Dee Snider, Debbie Gibson and Aubrey O’Day all come out to sing. Pen and Teller give a totally fun performance. Clay, Aubrey, Dee and Debbie finish off with more singing. I think the performance part has to go to Clay’s team.

In the board room, Lisa admits she donated $10,000 to Clay Aiken’s team even though she was working on Arsenio Hall’s team. Adam says he got along great with Arsenio and he was honored to work on his team. Teresa says Arsenio is strong. Aubrey O’Day says she hopes that Clay Aiken will win and pretty much says she isn’t fond of Arsenio.

In the end, Arsenio Hall’s team raises $167,000 for the Magic Johnson Foundation. Clay Aiken raises way more, bringing in a total of $301, 500 for the National Inclusion Project. So it looks like the fundraising part is also going to Clay.

Donald Trump gives everyone thanks for participating and sends everyone out of the board room except Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall. He tells them determining a winner will be very hard because both of them have been amazing.

The eliminated celebrity contestants cast their votes for who they think should win:

  • Dee votes for Clay
  • Lisa votes for Clay
  • Debbie votes for Clay
  • Dayana votes for Arsenio
  • Teresa votes for Clay Arsenio

Donald Trump asks Clay Aiken why he should be The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 winner. Clay says he has proven he is a leader and he can’t lose because his mother is in the audience and he can’t have her seeing him come in as the runner-up again! Awwwwh, that’s kind of cute.

Arsenio Hall answers the same question and he says he is about to reemerge back into the entertainment scene and he wants to get back to talk shows. He says he has always been number two and now he needs to be number one. He says he needs the title.

At last Donald Trump is ready to announce who won The Celebrity Apprentice 2012. Along with the title, the winner will also take home a $250,000 prize for his charity of choice.

Despite a slew of The Celebrity Apprentice spoilers and predictions to the contrary, the winner of this season, according to Mr. Donald Trump, is:

Arsenio Hall!

Although Clay Aiken raised more money than Arsenio Hall at his fundraiser, and his fundraiser seemed to be somewhat more entertaining and fun, Hall scored serious kudos for his PSA ad for his charity with costumes, wigs and a cameo by Magic Johnson. Poor Clay Aiken, it just has to suck to come in second yet again.

That’s all she wrote for our The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 finale recap and the end of the season this year! Did you like the way it all came down in the end? Or do you think Donald Trump picked the wrong man? Let us know your thoughts in our comments section below!

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16 thoughts on “Celebrity Apprentice 2012 Winner Revealed: Live Recap!”

  1. I love Lisa. Aubrey on the other hand is a self absorbed, talentless, twit. How that brain-dead slag ever got to be considered a celebrity is completely beyond me.

  2. So who won? I missed it. What a nutty group. Arsenio should have won bc Clay was also nutty. Lisa and Aubrey have psychiatric problems w/o a doubt

  3. This is the last time I am watching this show.  It is rigged from the start.  Clearly the winner is just who Trump likes the best or knows the best.  Obviously NOTHING Clay could have done would have won him the Apprentice position.  He raised almost TWICE as much money, his show was better, and most of the players voted for him.  Am I surprised at this shameful show of political choice, NO…not after the favoritism shown in the finally with Joan Rivers winning.  Both of these winners were a total farce.  Clearly Trump doesn’t choose by merit but by long term friendship.  Sure he has the right to pick whoever he wants but don’t lie to us and make it seem anyone even has a chance.

  4. I echo the first guest – Teresa voted for Arsenio, not Clay.  Aubrey is a Narcissistic and Lisa is just rude. It was ok because the dynamatics between the players/celebrities made for an interested season.  I did not learn much about business, but I did realize that celebrities are real people too.

  5. Clay raised more money.  Why did Arsenio win?  I think Trump just liked Arsenio!  Makes me lose interest in the show!

  6. I think both Arsenio and Clay won the apprentice in our deep heart. Don’t you guys agrees this year is the best espisode ever, since we have two strong finalists !?

  7. The best man won. He was smart, articulate and very passionate about his charity. His drive for the cause made him work hard to win. He deserved it.


  9. I can’t believe that Arsenio was chosen for first place.  Clay was the clear winner in the amount of money he raised, his talent portion of the project and the choice of the other celebrities. 

    Why did Lisa have to make her so called comedy so foul-mouthed?  That was so inappropriate for a TV audience.

    This will be the last season that I watch this show. 

  10. Lisa Lumpojelly, is a foul mouther un- funny bag of wind. she treated people with utter disrespect . I am not sure how she has a career in show business, although she does bear a strong resemblance to Danny Devito in the Batman movie!

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