Charlie Sheen Leaving Two and a Half Men?

Is Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen really calling it quits and leaving the sitcom for good? Or is he just holding out for more money? According to Sheen’s rep, the actor is interested in “new challenges,” but rumor has it he’s really seeking more cash to line his pocket.

Charlie Sheen on 'Two and a Half Men' (CBS)
Charlie Sheen on 'Two and a Half Men' (CBS)

Charlie Sheen’s contract with CBS for Two and a Half Men comes up this season and his rep, Stan Rosenfield, told CNN his client may not sign a new one. “Charlie has done this for seven years. There are new things to do, new challenges,” Rosenfield said. “He wants to do more movies, and doesn’t always get the opportunities during the hiatus [of the show].”

An unidentified ‘friend’ of Charlie Sheen reportedly told People magazine the sitcom star is ready to “move on” from Two and a Half Men. Other sources, however, are reporting that Sheen would be crazy to leave the show. He’s reportedly making $825,000 per episode and gossip mongers are claiming Warner Bros. may be willing to pay him up to $1 million per episode to get him under a new contract. ABC News reports that Sheen might just be willing to stick around – for the $1.5 million an episode he is allegedly asking for.

We think it would be insane to give up that kind of paycheck for a dubious future as a ‘comeback’ movie star – especially with Sheen’s ongoing legal troubles over his Christmas Day arrest for allegedly attacking his wife, Brooke Mueller. Smarmy celebrity lawyers don’t come cheap you know!

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