Charlie Sheen’s date angry at being called a prostitute

Some more information has surfaced about the details of what happened in Charlie Sheen‘s hotel suite the night of the great rage fest.  It appears that the chaos was over a missing watch, not a missing wallet as previously reported, and the girl in question is 22-year-old Capri Anderson, who locked herself in the hotel bathroom when Sheen went off the deep end.

Now, Anderson has some pent-up anger of her own – she’s said to be extremely annoyed that the police keep referring to her as a “hooker,” when in fact she is actually a porn star.  It’s important to understand the difference – hookers get paid to have sex, while porn stars… oh, wait.

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  1. Charlie Sheen is going into self destruct mode! However, all this dude wants to do is see his children, but he’s getting a load of hassle from everyone. Not sure if he’ll get his job back, though? – but I wish he does as I enjoy watching Two and a Half Men! Good luck Chuck Sheen.

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