Chicago Bears Sam Hurd Arrested After Attempt to Buy Massive Amounts of Cocaine

Chicago Bears receiver Sam Hurd arrested for trying to buy a huge load of drugs to distribute? Say it isn’t so! Unfortunately, it does it appear the NFL player was apprehended in Chicago by undercover agents on Wednesday night after allegedly attempting to purchase massive amounts of marijuana and cocaine in North Texas.

The Sam Hurd arrest was reportedly the result of an investigation launched back in July while he was still playing for the Dallas Cowboys. Undercover agents arranged a meeting with Hurd at Morton’s The Steakhouse in Rosemont, TX on Wednesday night. At the meeting, Hurd allegedly told an informant that he wanted to buy “five to 10 kilograms of cocaine and 1,000 pounds of marijuana per week for distribution in the Chicago area.”

According to police, Hurd allegedly said he would pay $25,000 per kilogram for the cocaine and $450 per pound for the marijuana. Hurd also reportedly “stated that he and another co-conspirator currently distribute four kilograms of cocaine per week in the Chicago area, but that the supplier could not supply him with enough quantity.”

During the meeting, the undercover agent allegedly gave Hurd a kilogram of cocaine after agreeing on a price for the drugs. Hurd then reportedly said he would make arrangements to pay for the drugs after he got out of Chicago Bears practice.

When he left the meeting, Sam Hurd was arrested by authorities and taken to jail. The Chicago Bears receiver is now facing charges of conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute more than 500 grams of cocaine, in addition to other charges. According to the criminal complaint filed against him, Sam Hurd could face up to 40 years in prison and a $2 million fine if convicted.

Chicago Bears Coach Lovie Smith said the arrest was shoking and a “total surprise”. “Sam wasn’t in meetings this morning and that’s how from there of course we started searching trying to find out why a player wouldn’t be here,” Smith said. “There was no tipoff, didn’t know it was coming.”

Sam Hurd is currently under a three-year contract with the Chicago Bears worth up to $5.15 million, which includes a $1.35 million signing bonus. He has crazy amounts of money, all the luxuries you could want and the best job in the world. All this and he allegedly decided he has to be part of a massive drug ring and risk it all? How greedy and stupid can one person get?

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