Chima Quits Big Brother 11

Very early on Saturday morning, it appears Big Brother 11 contestant Chima Simone may have decided to quit the show for good. With no explanation, live feeds from the Big Brother house cut off for about an hour. When they resumed, Chima had vanished.


Friday night was certainly full of plenty of drama, eventually leading to Chima flipping off several of her housemates, screaming “You know what? ***** this *****. I’m outta here” and throwing her microphone pack in the hot tub. Chima and Natalie were the latest to be nominated for eviction by fellow contestant Michele.

Has Chima really quit Big Brother 11? From a few comments made on the live feed from the house, it seems so, but every time the discussion turns to the missing Chima, the feed mysteriously moves away to the fish bowl… If Chima did quit Big Brother, she would be the first contestant to ever do so.

No official comment so far from CBS. Fans will just have to wait and see how this unexpected twist turns out.

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4 thoughts on “Chima Quits Big Brother 11”

  1. Chima was a total embarrassment to sistas everywhere – Sistahs of color, that is –
    She filled in every stereotype – ghetto mad, boisterous, unclassy, want everything handed to them, bossy, unfeminine – all that and more – You succeeded chick – congratulations in embarrasing those of us out here who are trying to dispell those very mistruths and snips – clean out your mouth and get some self esteem – Yes, you have had tough times in the past – get over it and stop blaming men for your stupid choices you make – I am a black woman who is proud to say that I don’t have to ‘cuss’ at people and go ‘ghetto’ on folks to get attention – CLASS gets all the attention you need. I am glad you are gone – You deserve what you get – You are sad and have made your sistas (including michele obama, our graceful first lady) turn completely red from mere embarrasment – It’s so so so sad that every other word was an ‘f’ word – What if you grandmother did that when she was raising you and she got tired of putting up with your spoiled butt – Godspeed – Make Christ a priority – not just a fad –

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