Chris Brown BET Awards 2010 Michael Jackson Tribute Controversy

Was Chris Brown‘s BET Awards crying fit during a tribute to Michael Jackson on Sunday the real thing? Or just another attempt to redeem himself in the eyes of the public after beating former girlfriend Rihanna to a pulp?

Chris Brown at BET Awards (BET)
Chris Brown at BET Awards (BET)

Chris Brown seemingly broke down in tears during a tribute to Michael Jackson at the BET Awards Sunday, but some are questioning the theatrical timing of his crying jag. During a performance of “Man in the Mirror,” Brown choked up and at one point, dramatically fell to his knees.

This stunning moment happened, interestingly enough, right during the perfect time in the lyrics to appeal to the audience as remade man who regrets thrashing his girlfriend in a domestic dispute.

I’m starting with the man in the mirror
I’m asking him to change his ways
And no message could have been any clearer
If you wanna make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself, and then make a change

So what do you think of Chris Brown’s BET Awards breakdown? A genuine emotional response? Or a hack-job publicity stunt? We’re just going to plead no comment. To us, a man who beats up women should have never been up on that stage in the first place.

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16 thoughts on “Chris Brown BET Awards 2010 Michael Jackson Tribute Controversy”

  1. Well, I think that you guys have no lives trying to put down a good guy like that. He was probly crying because of his mistake with Rihanna, his idol died, and people are actually cheering for him and not booing him anymore. Before you people post these dumbass opinions, try to have some facts or predictions to back it up.

  2. So drug addicts, drug dealers, thieves, murderers, gun slangers, and gang members are all ok. But punch one woman in the face one time and you should never be allowed to work again. Ass Hole! Go Boycott Three and A Half Men.

  3. @Toddy: Hilarious. Back up opinions with facts? I thought opinions were opinions, not facts. Yeah, what a good guy he is. We should give him an award for the best female face puncher of the year. Some people go to jail, but he gets a stage.

    @Suzanne: Who said those ppl were okay? He can work all he wants, but that doesn’t mean I’d want to buy anything he puts out again.

    Asshole is one word. And I hate 2.5 Men, but 3.5 could only be worse.

  4. @Matt – He should have punched her harder so then maybe she will actually sing instead of sounding like deadwood. And I hate 2.5 men too.

  5. I acknowledge that what Chris Brown did to Rihanna was completely unacceptable and that he should have served jail time for it. But, I completely believed the emotion he showed at the BET awards, and it wasn’t until I read articles reviewing the performance that I even considered his performance being set up as some ploy to get his fans back. Everyone has regrets, and everyone deserves the chance to change. I think Chris Brown is definitely trying to be a different person today than he was when he hit Rihanna.

  6. Everyone deserves a second chance. We must learn to forgive others and accept that we are only human and we will make many mistakes but do not continue to remind people of their shortcomings. Today for me, tomorrow for someone else. Nothing is final until death.

  7. I think his crying was very genuine. He even said himself “I let yall down before and I won’t do it again.” He did great!

  8. Come on people lets be realistic. I have seen and witnessed several incidents of domestic viloence (family members, friends, neighbors) and almost each one of these different incidences noone went to jail. Even after the second time, most states and places will not jail a person for domestic violence, unless the person is a repeat offender. So why should Chris Brown be locked up after a one time incidence? He made an impulsive mistake, in the heat of an argument, and he has apologized. I think his emotions last night was true and possibly illicited due to his history with rhianna and because of his love for MJ. Remember Chris Sweet 16 wish? He expected MJ to show up at his party..He was so disappointed that MJ did not come, but he was happy when MJ called and wished him a happy b-day.

  9. “So drug addicts, drug dealers, thieves, murderers, gun slangers, and gang members are all ok. But punch one woman in the face one time and you should never be allowed to work again. Ass Hole!”

    No, you idiot. They’re all terrible, and none of them should work again.

  10. hey haters leave chris alone he was being sincere so he whupped her ass one mistake he is good and y’all know it time for him to come back miss you chris keep singin

  11. People are crazy these days. Chris Brown made a mistake, it’s been almost two years, and people are STILL on his case about it. There is a comment a few spaces below that I agree with. Drug dealers, and murderers are okay, but Chris loses his temper for a second and he’s done forever? That’s not right, and all the people that are talking mess should hush. If you don’t like him, you should probably take that somewhere else. The man has worked his ass off since the incident, bettering himself as a person. I don’t think that was set up at all. That was probably really emotionally overwhelming for him. He goes out on stage with people already having this label on him as a woman beater, then on top of that, he’s paying tribute to his idol, who just happens to be one of the most influencial and respected musicians to ever exist. THEN, “Man In The Mirror’s” lyrics didn’t help at all either. He just had a moment, and I think people need to leave him the hell alone. I got love for you Breezy! keep doin what you doin!


  13. This is really a trip!!!! Need I remind the CB critics that this was a 19 yo kid. If we had all of the things that we did at that age published to the entire world what would be revealed? I don’t know if his emotion was genuine or not, but it really does not matter. I agree that what he did was wrong but my point is that we are all human and make mistakes and we should think about that before passing judgement so harshly. He has been rendered a punishment and has endured that pushisment… MOVE ON PEOPLE AND LEAVE THE KID ALONE! If you don’t want to listen to his music, don’t but I believe that it is a bit too harsh to totally boycott his music because of a mistake.

  14. Phony, phony crocodile tears…..Jermaine Jackson said CB still needs some healing…Yeah, like Chris Brown’s been the victim in this entire scenario. Give me a break !

  15. Suzanne thank you because Charlie Sheen in Three in A Half Men beat his wife and still got his sitcom going strong. You did not hear no more about it. The person who wrote this article is hating on Chris Brown. We detect jealous and hater. Chris Brown did wrong and he paid his price. Leave him along. This young man deserve to be back on stage because he rocked the mic. The performance was phenomenel! The world have not seen a performance like that since the Micheal Jackson days. Keep doing your thing Chris because we miss you and we want to see more of you. Much Much love!

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