Chris Brown Turns Himself In After Felony Assault Charge

rihanna chris brown
Woah, Grammy drama EXTREME. Chris Brown and Rihanna both backed out of the Grammys tonight. Up until a few minutes ago, the LAPD was still looking for Chris, after a domestic violence report was given. Brown and a woman that cops refused to identify were arguing inside of a vehicle around 12:30 this morning when suddenly things allegedly turned violent.

Cops say they received a 911 call, and when they arrived they noticed the woman had visible injuries. TMZ says she then identified Brown as her attacker. Police say Brown had left the scene by the time they arrived. According to the victim, she and Chris got into an argument which became violent — and cops say the woman in question had “visible injuries and identified Brown as her attacker.”

Girlfriend Rihanna’s people say she had a “car accident” and that is why her face is beat. Which it is. I guess you could call that a “car accident”… More to come.

4 thoughts on “Chris Brown Turns Himself In After Felony Assault Charge”

  1. I dnt kno what happened but what ever did somebody is still responsible and I support Chris Brown 100% because if rihanna did give him a venereal diease I would turn violent also so while everybody is taking sides they need to put themselves in that situation.I know if somebody gave me one I would kick somebodies butt.

  2. LULU Vegas and you know she gave him an std because? Did she get it from you? Shut up, you don’t know!

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