Christian Bale Is No Bruce Wayne

Remember how suave and classy and fairly irresistible Bruce Wayne was in “The Dark Knight”? Remember that Christian Bale played Bruce… and right before the premiere, he was arrested for assaulting his wife and family? Surely that was just a bad day for Christian, right?

Wrong. Christian Bale is a gold-plated asshole, and now we have the audio to prove it. Bale was working on his upcoming flick “Terminator Salvation”, and got his panties in a twist at director of photography Shane Hurlbut for accidentally walking into his site-line in a shot. This is the film’s DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, and one who is no novice.

Bale goes off like a freaking case of plastic explosives, and launches an F-bomb-riddled tirade that will make your ears bleed. Bale’s been taking lessons from Rahmbo and Hot Rod Blagojevich. Needless to say: Incredibly NSFW. You have been warned.

Don’t tell Snarkista that Christian’s a genius actor and therefore is allowed to act crazier than The Joker. The big man threatened to walk the film if Shane made another mistake- so some studio suit wisely kept the audio from this hissy fit…for insurance. Literally.

If Bale HAD walked, at least the production would have proof to the films backers and insurers of his insufferable nature…something his wife and sister-in-law know all too well. Except he has them too scared to tell.

Christian’s just blown any cover of class he may have had in Hollywood, if he had any left. You, sir, are NO Bruce Wayne. No wonder you don’t have Robin to kick around anymore! What in heaven’s name would Alfred say?! Look into some Valerian, dude. With a side of yoga.