Conan O’Brien New Show on TBS Premieres November 8

The new Conan O’Brien show on TBS has a very easy to remember name, the comedian announced on Tuesday. In a YouTube video released Tuesday morning, O’Brien revealed the name of his new TBS show is, simply: Conan.

Conan O'Brien (YouTube)
Conan O'Brien (YouTube)

“It’s Conan, simple, pure, like the guy himself,” Conan O’Brien said in the YouTube video announcement. O’Brien joked in the video that he spent millions on legal and media research teams to come up with the name for his new show.

Conan O’Brien infamously walked away from NBC’s Tonight Show earlier this year after the network tried to bump him to a later time slot to move Jay Leno back to late night. O’Brien reportedly received a severance package of an estimated $45 million, but had to agree not to appear on television again until the fall.

Conan will premiere on TBS before Lopez Tonight on November 8.

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