Congressman Joe Wilson Apologizes for You Lie! Outburst

In one of the most embarrassing moments to come out of Congress in the last decade, South Carolina Republican Congressman Joe Wilson lost his cool last night – shouting “You lie!” at President Barack Obama in the midst of his speech on health reform – all captured on video, of course.

South Carolina Republican Congressman Joe Wilson, White House Photo

Regardless of one’s opinion on the health care reform issue, yelling at your President during a live speech to a joint session of Congress is just embarrassingly juvenile. President Obama managed to ignore Joe Wilson’s outburst, but the nation was abuzz the Joe Wilson You Lie! video of the incident Thursday morning.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declined to take any formal action against Wilson for his outburst, either during or after the debacle, but reportedly said she was “shocked” by his behavior.

“This evening I let my emotions get the best of me,” Wilson said in a press statement last night after the President’s speech. “While I disagree with the president’s statement, my comments were inappropriate and regrettable. I extend sincere apologies to the president for this lack of civility.”

Even though Joe Wilson apologized for screaming at the President, he’s too late to prevent himself from becoming a household name – in a bad way. Even worse for Joe Wilson, his most favored opponent for re-election, Marine Corps veteran Rob Miller, is already using the incident as fodder for fundraising and attacking the incumbent Congressman from South Carolina.

As of this report, Congressman Joe Wilson’s website has been crashed since last night due to “exceptionally high traffic.”

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14 thoughts on “Congressman Joe Wilson Apologizes for You Lie! Outburst”

  1. What the Congressman said is nothing but the truth and the Dem’s can’t stand the truth. Thank God there is someone in congress that at least will say what they think. Thank you Congressman and I will stand by you. Look at what the Dem’s did to President George Bush in 2004, but that was okay, because that was the Democrates doing that.

    Have a great day, DM

  2. Good for you Joe!!! I will be donating money to you soon. About time somebody calls a spade a spade!!! You sir, are a true American.

  3. As a republican, you gave us another black eye. Emotions are one thing and yet you are to stand for the people and we are not disrespectful nor ignorant as you were Congressman. You put you fait in your own hands and mouth. SC will be getting a new congressman.

  4. Indications already have Congressman Wilson not being able to save face for the 2010 ellection. Follow SARA Joe, follow Sara!

  5. God Bless Joe Wilson. At least there’s one person in congress who refuses to listen to lies. How did President Obama become the oracle of the Lord?

  6. Let’s face it America, there are STILL certain
    people in this country that can’t get over the fact that Mr. Obama is the president.

    Careful, Joe Wilson, your ‘sheet’ is showing!

  7. Kudo’s “LLawton”! SC voters believe that they are one nation under God, not one Nation under the South.
    Mr. Wilson you have no choice but to appologize in public if not your career is over sooner then the elections.

  8. Joe, I’m okay with your excited utterance!

    We must sometimes practice restraint, but honesty is okay as well. And honesty isn’t always politically correct or polite.

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