Crimes Against Fashion: Victoria Beckham Edition

Behold David and Victoria Beckham at the Manhattan launch of their his and hers fragrances. 2,000 fans came out in the rain for this extremely important event. Becks looks fab, as usual, and thus is NOT a perpetrator of a Crime Against Fashion.

No, it’s Victoria, in $6,600 Antonio Berardi thigh-high latex boots with no heel. Yep, no heel. These have to be the fugliest boots Snarkista has ever seen, and are off the charts on the ridiculous-meter. Victoria’s designer pal Marc Jacobs started this insanity. Marc is ALWAYS doing something crazy. But other designers have now followed, and justify the absence of a heel by saying a heel is purely psychological, that the bigger than normal platform balances the heels. Right.

Unfortunately, the absence of a heel does NOT balance the idiotic look for the beholder. Snarkista would LOVE to see Posh walking in these. Her usual sourpuss face might be replaced with a look of terror!

photo credit: Grazia Fashion UK