Crystal Bowersox: People Get Ready for an American Idol Winner

After last night’s American Idol performances to kick off Idol Gives Back week, we’re no longer rooting for Crystal Bowersox to win, we’re demanding it. Mama Sox may have lost it and broke down in tears at the end of her rendition of “People Get Ready,” but she also gave one of the best vocal performances we’ve ever seen on the show.

Crystal Bowerox on 'American Idol' (FOX)
Crystal Bowerox on 'American Idol' (FOX)

Crystal Bowersox started off last night sweet and simple on American Idol, belting out an a capella first verse of “People Get Ready” to a room of near absolute silence. Bowersox had no instrument last night except her voice, but she didn’t need one. She soared through the inspirational song like some kind of earthbound angel reaching for the heavens. Then, right as she was going for that big, final blowout, Bowersox wavered and broke down in tears.

Far from ruining the performance, Bowersox’s emotional release on stage was cathartic and moving. Bowersox blamed her tears on having her father in the audience, but it’s obvious she has struggled through American Idol this season emotionally. Yet, she keeps taking to the stage, week after week, giving amazing performances far above the level of most of the other contestants.

For those out there who are – believe it or not – saying Bowersox’s tears were faked to garner sympathy from American Idol voters, we say shame on you. It should be obvious at this point that Crystal Bowersox has no need to win American Idol. Even if she was voted off this instant or really did decide to quit the show, she’d most certainly have more record deals and piles of cash thrown at her feet than she could handle.

If Crystal Bowersox doesn’t end up winning American Idol this season, we firmly believe that either the show is totally rigged – or the American public is tone deaf and wouldn’t know real, honest-to-god talent if it slapped them in the face.

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  1. I totally agree. I haven’t seen this kind of natural, humbling talent on American Idol since its inception. She’s truly the winner, whether she’s voted for or not.

  2. That was an amazing performance. Crystal you are simply awesome. That is what you call inspirational!

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