Current TV Calls Sarah Palin a TWILF and Gun-Ho

We’ve learned several new unflattering terms this morning and it’s all because of Current TV and their apparent dislike of former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin. In a cartoon called “The Stupid Virus,” aired on Al Gore‘s Current TV, Sarah Palin is referred two as both a TWILF and a ‘Gun-Ho’. We admit, we had no idea what either one of those labels meant, so of course we had to go look them up.


There are actually several definitions listed on for the term ‘TWILF’ – so we picked our favorite: “One who farts in the bathtub and bites the bubbles.” Now THAT is quite an insult. Although it could also just be a twist on a MILF who uses Twitter. The term ‘Gun-Ho’ was shown as Sarah Palin’s username on a fake Twitter page shown by the cartoon. We didn’t find any definition out there for that one, but it’s not hard to interpret the meaning.


The whole cartoon was basically one big slam of prominent conservatives, which isn’t all that surprising considering the liberal reputation of the network. Parody and sarcasm are often entertaining no matter what side of the conservative/liberal fence you’re on, but this bit of video did seem rather over-the-top nasty.

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3 thoughts on “Current TV Calls Sarah Palin a TWILF and Gun-Ho”

  1. Really – over the top nasty. Personally, I found it all very, very true to form, albeit exaggerated. I think it is safe to say that the conservatives have used fear and any sound bite they can get a hold of to insight their base into action. Hate and fear are the weapons of choice of the conservatives. Regretfully, they are more powerful than hope or reason, which seem to be more the weapons of choice by the democrats.

    Either way, I think there is much more to take from this video than just that Sarah Palin was labeled. Why is it that no person had any issue with Glenn Beck throwing SH*T in people’s face?

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