Dance Showdown Reality Show Features Favorite YouTube Stars (VIDEO)

There is a brand new reality dance competition premiering on Thursday, but you won’t find it on your television. To watch the new reality TV show Dance Showdown, you’ll have to tune in on YouTube.

On Thursday, the DanceOn global entertainment network for dance debuts its first original show as part of YouTube’s original channels.  D-trix Presents Dance Showdown is a new weekly interactive dance competition show featuring YouTube’s biggest names, battling for the title of ‘Dance Showdown Champion’ and $25K with the help of world-class choreographers like Tabitha & Napoleon D’Umo.

Just because Dance Showdown will be airing on YouTube instead of NBC or ABC doesn’t mean this reality TV show is any less potentially entertaining. In fact, the ‘stars’ of this reality dance competition are probably more well-known to the younger generation than some of the contestants on this season of Dancing With the Stars.

How many people knew who William Levy or Katherine Jenkins were before this season of Dancing With the Stars? They may be famous to their niche audience, but they are hardly brand names to the general public. As far as older celebrities such as Gladys Knight and Jack Wagner… well, how many people under the age of 25 are big fans?

Dance Showdown, debuting Thursday on YouTube, may not have any A-listers on the cast list, but the show will be stuffed to the rafters with a slew of infamous YouTube and Internet celebrities. Who doesn’t know who Obama Girl is? How about YouTube ‘star’ Sam aka xJawz? Or how about Good Neighbor or ItsKingsleyBitch? If you are one of the modern Internet generation, you’re probably much more likely to have seen Hannah Hart on YouTube than Melissa Gilbert on Little House on the Prairie. Check out this fun list of YouTube celebrities who will be vying for the Dance Showdown prize.

Presented by America’s Best Dance Crew judge D-Trix, Dance Showdown infuses the formats of America’s favorite dance shows with a twist of interactivity exclusively for audiences on YouTube. Following the first performance competition on Thursday, April 19, the YouTube audience will have a week to vote for their favorite contestants, and who will ultimately become the first ‘Dance Showdown Champion.’ The final episode, which airs on Thursday, May 24, will officially announce the Dance Showdown winner.

The full cast of superstar choreographers, mentors and dance partners include So You Think You Can Dance winner Lauren Froderman, star of E’s The Dance Scene, Kherington Payne, 2012’s Superbowl Halftime show choreographers, Napoleon and Tabitha D’Umo, Beyonce’s lead dancer, Bryan Tanaka, and dancing prodigy of YouTube fame Ian Eastwood.

“Dance is a staple in today’s mainstream pop culture on television, in video games, and certainly online so we’re excited to unite YouTube creators and America’s favorite choreographers with an online dance program that puts voting in the hands of our YouTube audience,” said Amanda Taylor, Founder and CEO of DanceOn. “From hip hop to dubstep, viewers will be thrilled by the unique dance routines as well as the trials and tribulations these entertaining personalities face as they compete for the ‘Dance Showdown’ title.”

Viewers can tune in every Thursday on for new episodes and to vote for their favorite contestants.

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