Dancing With the Stars 2012 All Stars Predictions: Week 2 Results

On Dancing With the Stars 2012 All Stars tonight, another celebrity cast member will be headed out the door with their professional dance partner. If the Dancing With the Stars All Stars predictions from many fans sites are accurate, it is most likely to be either Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas, or Drew Lachey and Anna Trebunskaya going home this evening.

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas ended up at the bottom of the score board after the pair’s lackluster performance on DWTS All Stars last night. However, Bristol Palin has a reputation from her previous season for sticking around even when it seems there is no way she could possibly make it through to the next week. Her ‘sticking’ power has even spawned conspiracy theories and accusations of vote-rigging.

I prefer to hope there are no conspiracies or any vote-rigging in action, but I still find it hard to say if Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas will get the boot in this week’s DWTS 2012 All Stars elimination results. Bristol Palin has a large fan base and that alone just may be enough to keep her around despite her low scores so far.

Although Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy had the second lowest scores from last night’s Dancing With the Stars All Stars performances, I don’t expect they will be in danger of elimination tonight. Kirstie Alley has quite the rabidly supportive fan base and I doubt they are going to let her slide to the bottom just yet. Plus, everyone loves bad boy Maks and they want to keep watching him to see if he’ll lose his s**t all over the judges or backstage in the post-judging interviews again this year.

The other couple I think is actually most likely to be in danger tonight on Dancing With the Stars 2012 All Stars is Drew Lachey and Anna Terbunskaya. They have already been in the bottom previously and their scores this week did not do much to help them out. Although they scored as well as several other couples, Drew Lachey’s fan base just doesn’t seem to be there for him.

I would like to predict that Bristol Pain and Mark Ballas will be the ones going home this week based on their performances, but honestly I just don’t think there is enough information about the habits of this season’s voters out there yet to make a good call. I’ll say only that I think they are the couple that most deserve to be eliminated this week and let it go at that.

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  1. I cannot believe Kirstie was not in the bottom 2. She definitely deserves to be there! People need to vote for dancing talent and she has very little of that! Thank God that Drew was safe as he should be! Cannot believe that Helio was in the bottom 2!

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