Dancing With the Stars 2012 All Stars Recap: Week 8 Elimination Results

On Dancing With the Stars All Stars Tuesday night, two celebrity contestants and their pro partners will be heading out the door. There was no Dancing With the Stars elimination results show last week due to the presidential election, so that means a double elimination on tonight’s show. We’ve already made our predictions for who is in danger this week, now we just have to watch and see if the voters agreed. Who went home on Dancing With the Stars All Stars this week? Join us for our live DWTS All Stars recap and watch the elimination results with us!


This post contains Dancing With the Stars spoilers for the week 8 elimination results. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened or who was eliminated on Dancing With the Stars All Stars this week!

This week on Dancing With the Stars All Stars 2012, fans will have to say goodbye to two of the celebrity dancers and their pro partners. Double elimination weeks are always kind of a bummer watching two people go home on Dancing With the Stars 2012 All Stars instead of just one. They are also sometimes quite exciting though, as the doubled pressure on the voters to save their favorites can lead to unexpected and even shocking eliminations.

Predicting this week’s Dancing With the Stars All Stars double elimination results was really quite the challenge. If you crunch the numbers and look at the past history of fan votes, it seems likely that Kirstie Alley may finally be one of those eliminated on DWTS All Stars tonight. Still, she has surprised us in the past by surviving against all odds.

Figuring out who will be the second person to go home on Dancing With the Stars 2012 All Stars this week was a bit more difficult. Kelly Monaco seems the easy choice considering her inconsistent scores and somewhat weak fan base. However, this could easily be one of those weeks we end up with a “shocking” elimination of a higher-ranked competitor. We learned in the last elimination, courtesy of Sabrina Bryan, that landing perfect scores will not keep you from going home right afterward.

To keep us entertained while we wait for the Dancing With the Stars All Stars week 8 elimination results this week will be Kylie Minogue, accompanied by dancers Kym Johnson and Tristan MacManus, and Ne-Yo.

Who went home on Dancing With the Stars All Stars tonight? Join us here for our Dancing With the Stars recap at 8PM ET and find out with us!

RECAP: The Dancing With the Stars elimination results show for week 8 kicks off tonight with a performance from Kylie Minogue of “The Locomotion” from her Abbey Road album.

Now we have the first results and our first couples safe for the evening are… Melissa Rycroft & Tony Dovolani and… Shawn Johnson & Derek Hough. Well deserved in both cases! Whew. Glad to see there won’t be any shocking elimination of either of these two couples.

Next up for the performances tonight we have the cast of Newsies for Macy’s Stars of Dance.

Before we finally get to more results, we have another guest performance. This time it is Ne-Yo singing “Let Me Love You Until You Learn To Love Yourself”, which is quite the mouthful of a title for a song.

Here we go with our first elimination of the evening and it looks like fan support is just not going to get this celebrity through this time. The first couple to be eliminated tonight on Dancing With the Stars All Stars is… Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy. It’s been a good run Kirstie!

Now we take a break from the results to find out the themes the contestants have chosen for each other for next week’s performance show.

  • Kelly & Val pick ‘caveman hustle’ for Melissa & Tony
  • Emmitt & Cheryl pick ‘night rider banghra’ for Shawn & Derek
  • Apolo & Karina pick ‘mad monk marangue’ for Gilles & Peta
  • Gilles & Peta pick ‘big top jazz’ for Apolo & Karina
  • Shawn & Derek pick ‘espionage lindy hop’ for Emmit & Cheryl
  • Kelly & Val have ‘surfer flaming’

Ready to find out who the second couple eliminated on DWTS All Stars is tonight? Well… this one might just come as a shock to some fans! Let’s just tell you right now it is NOT Kelly Monaco and Valentin Chmerkovskiy! Nope, despite quite a few predictions they would be the other couple to go home tonight, they are SAFE. The second couple who were cut on Dancing With the Stars All Stars tonight is… Gilles Marini and Peta Murgatroyd! Wowsers!


Melissa Rycroft & Tony Dovolani

Shawn Johnson & Derek Hough

Kelly Monaco & Valentin Chmerkovskiy

Emmitt Smith & Cheryl Burke


Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Gilles Marini & Peta Murgatroyd

That’s it for tonight! Check back right here again next week for our continuing Dancing With the Stars: All Stars 2012 recaps. Bookmark us or friend us on Facebook or Twitter for all the latest celebrity gossip, entertainment news, TV recaps and more!

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