Dancing With the Stars 2012 Elimination Prediction: Week 5

The Dancing With the Stars 2012 elimination for week 5 takes place on Tuesday night and after the last elimination, it is frankly anyone’s guess who will go home Wednesday night. Still, it is always fun to try to make a Dancing With the Stars prediction in advance of elimination night, even if it is just to find out later (like last week), that you were totally and absolutely wrong.

I have my own prediction for who will get voted off in the Dancing With the Stars elimination results tonight, but after watching Sherri Shepherd get thrown out last week against all predictions, who knows what will happen? I’d love to know your opinion on who will get voted off Dancing With the Stars 2012 this week in the comments area below. You can also feel free to mock me there if I get my DWTS elimination prediction wrong for week 5.

If the current rankings and scores from last night actually mean anything, it seems clear who should get the boot in Tuesday’s Dancing With the Stars 2012 elimination results. Obviously, however, the voters have their own opinions and they don’t always match with the judges!

After watching the Dancing With the Stars 2012 cast perform on Latin night this week, there seems to clearly be three couples who are just not pulling their weight. They are the lowest ranked by the DWTS 2012 judges in cumulative scores and I just don’t see any of them improving all that much in the coming weeks. For once, my bottom three and the judges’ bottom three (based on the total scores for the season) actually match:

Gladys Knight and Tristan MacManus
 Melissa Gilbert and Maksim Chmerkovskiy
 Gavin DeGraw and Karina Smirnoff

Of the three couples, I personally feel that Gavin DeGraw and Karina Smirnoff have the worst track record. They have no chemistry, they often look like two trains going in opposite directions in the midst of a collision and Gavin DeGraw has about as much rhythm as a doorknob.

However, I think Melissa Gilbert and Maksim Chmerkovskiy are almost as bad and their performance this week on Dancing With the Stars 2012 Latin night was just terrible. Gilbert could get a bit of sympathy voting considering she had to perform this week in a neck brace after whacking her head on the floor last week and suffering a concussion and whiplash. On the other hand, she look ridiculous dancing in that think and Maks didn’t look much better in all that hideous pink Monday night.

Gladys Knight and Tristan MacManus aren’t good either, but Gladys gets a little more respect because she is the oldest contestant there and just can’t do some of the stuff the younger celebrities are doing.

So who is my Dancing With the Stars prediction for who will get voted off DWTS 2012 Tuesday night? Well, there is a new twist this week that complicates matters even further.

The two couples that end up put in the bottom two by the voters will have to face each other this week in a ‘dance-off’ for the judges. Instead of the voters getting to ultimately decide who gets the boot, it will be the judges who choose who is the winner of the dance-off and will get a pass through to next week. I am one of those people who think that is a load of BS and the voters should get to pick which person goes home without the DWTS 2012 judges interfering, but there you go.

I am going to predict that based on their performances last night on Dancing With the Stars 2012 and their past track records, it will be Gavin DeGraw and Melissa Gilbert in the bottom two, although the voters could go wacky again and we could end up with Gladys Knight down there, or Jaleel White… or who knows who.

Personally, I think if it does end up being either Gavin DeGraw or Melissa Gilbert versus anyone else in the bottom two, they will be the ones going home. If the two of them end up together in the bottom two and have to do a dance off, I think that is much harder to predict. I think the judges have been wanting to give both of them the boot since the beginning, but I think they are slightly less fond of Gavin DeGraw. Plus, Melissa Gilbert might get a bit of a pass because of that whole banging her head on the floor thing last week. So in a Gavin versus Melissa situation, I’m going to have to call it for Gavin to go home.

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2 thoughts on “Dancing With the Stars 2012 Elimination Prediction: Week 5”

  1. Sherry was given too high of scores when she made mistakes, missed steps and basicly girated in every dance vs. lifting her feet and dancing well with her partner.  Joleel got screwed.  His dance was great.  Others are getting higher scores with obvious mistakes.  I think the judging sucks this season.  Its apparent that the judges  have their favorites.

  2. This is for Laura Vess who wrote this mess….Laura, I don’t know you But I can honestly say I would never care to.  You are about as stupid and ridiculous as Joy Behar this morning on The View when they were discussing the dwts dance off…she had some very negative things to say about Gavin DeGraw. I would like her or you for that matter get your fat rumps out on the dance floor so we can see what you can do. And let everyone hurl mean, cruel insults at you. Gavin was funny, cute, the best sense of humor I’ve seen. Unlike William Levy who brought half of Cuba w/him to the audience,  he can move to music (surprise, surprise) & has the humor of a stalk of celery. Now the judges are taking over from the voters…Len even said as much that several good dancers have left early because of voters..voting for their favs Well, pardon me Isn’t that what the show’s about?  So now they pick Jaleel, who’s had much objective neg news which we don’t need…this is supposed to be a fun show. And have you ever seen a white boy win a dance contest? 

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