Dancing With the Stars 2012: Jaleel White Denies Being a ‘Jerkel’ to Kym Johnson

Former child star Jaleel White is very tired of the nasty rumor going around that he has an attitude problem on Dancing With the Stars 2012. The Family Matters star says the press has totally overblown reports of an alleged fight between himself and dance partner Kym Johnson and rejects his new tabloid nickname of ‘Jerkel’.

Jaleel White appeared on Good Morning American on Monday to talk about his gig on Dancing With the Stars 2012 and to refute nasty rumors going around that he was a first class ‘Jerkel’ to dance partner Kym Johnson during a recent rehearsal.

According to gossip going around, Jaleel White supposedly got in a huge, loud fight with dance partner Kym Johnson during a rehearsal session. The fight allegedly became so heated, producers reportedly had to intervene and break it up.

According to Jaleel White, there was a disagreement between himself and Kym Johnson during one of their Dancing With the Stars 2012 rehearsals, but it was not a big deal. “We definitely had a disagreement last week,” White said, but dismissed the rumors that it turned into a huge fight.

As for what started the argument, White said it was because Kym didn’t understand the ‘persona’ he was trying to portray in the dance they were choreographing. “She didn’t understand who Stefan Urquell was,” White said. Stefan Urquell was the ultra cool alter ego of Steve Urkel’s character on Family Matters. Still, he doesn’t understand how an allegedly minor disagreement was twisted into such a huge deal by the press.

“Somehow I’ve become the paparazzi whipping boy for the show,” Jaleel White said of his new Dancing With the Stars 2012 fame. “I didn’t sign up for that.” What he did sign up for was to dance, and so far he has done an admirably good job of it, consistently scoring well across the board with the judges.

Jaleel White said that for Dancing With the Stars 2012 ‘Rock Week’, he will be unleashing his “inner Mick Jagger” with a tango featuring lots of “trick footwork.”

Dancing With the Stars season 14, week 4 airs Monday night on ABC at 8 pm ET/PT.

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