In addition to the rumors going around that Dancing With the Stars 2012 cast member Jaleel White recently had a nasty fight with his dance partner Kym Johnson, there are also tabloid reports that the former child star was even more of a ‘Jerkel’ to his ex-girlfriend and baby momma.

Bridget Hardy, Jaleel White’s ex-girlfriend and mother of his child, recently revealed in a tabloid interview that the Dancing With the Stars 2012 cast member allegedly abused her verbally and physically. Hardy told Star magazine that  during their relationship, White had hit her, once pushed her into a toilet (which allegedly broke and flooded everywhere) and verbally abused her regularly.

“Verbally and emotionally, he’s abusive. He told me I’m not working; I have no money; I’m white trash. None of it was true,” Hardy said in the tabloid interview. White’s ex also claims she found photos of naked women on his phone and claims he cheated on her, including a hook-up with a woman “within one week of me having the baby.”

According to Jaleel White, however, the accusations by Bridget Hardy against him for domestic violence are not true and are old news. “These aren’t any allegations that are new,” White said in an appearance on Good Morning America on Monday. White says his ex is just trying to cash in on his rebooted fame in the public spotlight due to his gig on Dancing With the Stars 2012.

“There was no verbal abuse. Couples argue, that’s normal. I’m not going to pretend like we didn’t have any arguments, obviously we broke up… But to say verbal abuse, and to come out with that during Dancing with the Stars … It was an attack on my joy.”

“I went through a child custody situation in 2010 and, wildly, I end up on Dancing With the Stars, and the ex I’ve been co-parenting with, for two years, in peace, decides that she wants to go have a conversation with Star magazine.”

“It sucks,” White said. “I gotta, you know, have a Perez Hilton comment on me every week now, but it’s par for the course.”

“I’m basically like, I got this huge microscope on me right now and that’s a good thing for career purposes,” White said. “But, unfortunately, it brings out, it brings out bad things, you know.”

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