Dancing With the Stars 2012 Predictions: Week 4 Elimination (VIDEO)

Last night on Dancing With the Stars 2012, the judges were not as glowing when it came to scoring this week as were last time around. Quite a few celebrities found themselves wading around on the bottom with low scores, including some previously strong competitors. Plus, tonight the judges will get the final say after the bottom two do a ‘dance-off’ to try to save themselves from elimination. Figuring out a Dancing With the Stars prediction for elimination night this time around is extra tough because of that added twist, but there are certainly a few celebrities I think are in far more danger of going home tonight than the rest.

The lowest scoring pair last night on Dancing With the Stars 2012 was Gladys Knight and Tristan MacManus with a dismal 20 points out of 30 from the judges. Honestly, they really were the worst couple of the evening. The dance was stiff, halting and awkward. Plus, it just really didn’t go with the music very well either.

If the voters were going to judge just on last night’s DWTS 2012 performance alone, I would say Gladys Knight would be the one getting kicked out tonight. Of course, the voters rarely ever cast someone out just for one bad performance. Still, Gladys Knight and Tristan MacManus don’t exactly have a strong track record in past weeks either. I am going to go out on a limb though and say I don’t think it will be Gladys going home this time. If she does end up in the bottom two, I predict the judges will save her after the dance-off, unless she somehow ends up going against a heavy favorite.

The View co-host Sherri Shepherd and Val Chmerkovskiy also scored quite badly last night, garnering only 21 points out of 30 from the judges. However, Sherri is one of those Dancing With the Stars 2012 cast members the viewing public just seems to enjoy watching. While I really don’t think she is going to win this thing, I predict she will certainly make it through this week’s Dancing With the Stars elimination results round.

Also in danger due to low scores from last night on Dancing With the Stars 2012 are Jaleel White and Kym Johnson, who were awarded only 22 points out of 30. I don’t really expect this pair to get voted off tonight. However, former Family matters star Jaleel White has been getting some bad press in the tabloids recently over his alleged behavior toward his pro partner and his history of alleged domestic abuse toward his ex-girlfriend and baby momma. That kind of negative attention in the tabloids could turn some of the voters against Jaleel and drag him down to the bottom. I sense the judges could also turn on Jaleel if they are put in the position of having to choose between him and someone else in a dance-off.

With another score of only 22 out 30, Melissa Gilbert and Maksim Chmerkovskiy had several major errors in their dance last night. Not only was the dance a bit disjointed overall, there were also a couple of seriously flawed moments, including a mistake during a tricky swing move that left Melissa Gilber injured and needing to go to the hospital.

Thankfully, Melissa Gilbert is reportedly doing just fine and will be returning to the show, but her minor concussion was a reflection of how this dance just didn’t go right from the beginning. Maksim also took a minor spill during their dance, due — according to judge Len Goodman — to an overly slick floor. Although I think Gilbert might deserve to go home based on her performance and her track record, I could see the audience giving her a pass just to keep Maksim around to admire for a few more weeks. Besides, if Gilbert does end up in the bottom two, the judges might just give her a sympathy pass in the dance-off due to her injury.

In another tie for third lowest scores of the night, we had Latin heart-throb William Levy and Cheryl Burke with 20 points out of 30. Let’s just keep this short though. The voters are not going to send that steamy hunk of man meat home yet no matter how badly he might muck up a dance or two. Only later on in the Dancing With the Stars 2012 competition will the ‘hot’ factor slowly fade out in consideration of other factors (such as skill at dancing) for the voters.

If I were going to predict who is going to get sent home from the Dancing With the Stars 2012 elimination results show on Tuesday night, I would have to stick with my gut feeling from last week. Yes, I think I would still call it for the couple I thought should have gone home last week, despite their score not being in the very bottom this week. So, my Dancing With the Stars prediction for elimination this week would have to go to Gavin DeGraw and Karina Smirnoff.

The voters just do not seem to like this pair very much, as evidenced from their bottom ranking from the viewing audience in the past. Last night on DWTS, they did not suddenly become more impressive or give much of a better performance. I am betting the voters will put them in the bottom again and that no amount of fancy footwork in a dance-off is likely to save them from being eliminated by the judges. Despite receiving a couple more points over the couples below them last night, I still say Gavin DeGraw and Karina Smirnoff are the most likely to have danced their last dance this year on DWTS 2012.

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