Dancing With the Stars 2012 Results: Week 9 Elimination

No matter who is eliminated on Dancing With the Stars 2012 Tuesday night, it will be a shame to see them go. All of the remaining top 4 DWTS 2012 cast celebrities have more than proven their worth on the dance floor. All of the top 4 deserve to make it to the finals, but only 3 can continue on to the next round. Who got voted off Dancing With the Stars 2012 this week? Read on for our live DWTS 2012 recap of the week 9 elimination results!


Please stop reading here if you do not want Dancing With the Stars 2012 spoilers about the week 9 elimination results show!


Of the Dancing With the Stars 2012 top 4, only one remains free of injury and that could have played a part in the performances last night. NFL player Donald Driver is the only DWTS 2012 cast celebrity left who is not battling with some kind of pain and mobility issue on the dance floor. Donald Driver’s performance last night was nearly flawless, and frankly it is difficult for the others to compete at their best when they aren’t physically whole. Could that give him an advantage not just in Tuesday’s Dancing With the Stars elimination results, but in the DWTS 2012 competition overall?

Katherine Jenkins nearly collapsed on Dancing With the Stars last night after her back went out at the end of her second dance. Maria Menounos has suffered broken ribs and an injury to her foot, and last night she limped after her dance due to a fresh injury to her right quad muscle. William Levy is also still recovering from a torn ligament in his ankle which nearly took him out of the competition.

Only Donald Driver remains in top shape and ready to waltz all over the rest of the competition — if he is not who got voted off Dancing With the Stars 2012 this week. Even though Driver might have been the only one not battling an injury, you can’t deny that all of the DWTS 2012 top 4 gave stellar performances last night. Frankly, this might just be the best Dancing With the Stars top 4 in the history of the show — at least in my opinion.

So who will make it through to the next round in the quest to become the Dancing With the Stars 2012 winner and take home the Mirror Ball Trophy? Let’s move right along our Dancing With the Stars 2012 live recap for the results!

Judge Len Goodman announces the chosen dance to be seen again this evening is William Levy and Cheryl Burke’s hot Samba. Sexy and delicious! Len says they chose this dance to show off again because it was totally perfect.

Now we have our first results coming in and it is for Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas… and they are… safe!

Oh no, the next results are up and a couple has been placed in jeopardy. It is… Maria Menounos and Derek Hough!

More results coming in now and it looks like Latin heart-throb William Levy and partner Cheryl Burke will also be… safe! That means Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd are in jeopardy!


  • Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas
  • William Leavy and Cheryl Burke


  • Maria Menounos and Derek Hough
  • Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd


  • Maria Menounos and Derek Hough

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12 thoughts on “Dancing With the Stars 2012 Results: Week 9 Elimination”

  1. It should’ve been Donald to be voted off not Maria. She and Derek got a perfect 60 out of 60 last night.

  2. maria and derekare  the best why does this happen a perfect score   they are excellent what is wrong with the voters

  3. First off, if you look at the tape of Mark & Katherine – Mark is the reason Katherine fell – it was not her back – that was an excuse to allow her to get sympathy votes on National TV.  The New York Times had an article on Monday prior to the show that interviewed 4 professional dancers in NYC and asked them to handicap the last 4 dancers.  They all felt that William Levy had the least technique of the remaining 4 and that they predicted Maria and Donald would be in the final!

  4.  The voters do not know their rear from their elbow. They  should vote
    for the dancers because of their talent and how they performed on that
    night also the judges score and not on popularity. It was the same on
    american idol when Adam Lambert lost to Chris (Chris who). Who has the
    better career. I am fed up with the people who do not know how to vote.
    They should change the system before they lose too many viewers because
    the people are out to lunch. Derek Hough and his partner should still be
    there. DWTS just lost another follower.

  5. Derek and Maria got shafted. The voters had their eyes closed when they danced. What a shame it had to end that way. I hope the voters have a guilty conscience the rest of their life.  I guess Derek and Maria did not have a full football team voting for them.

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