Dancing With the Stars 2014 Results: Who Went Home In Week 3?

We can’t say we were shocked by who went home on Dancing With the Stars 2014 tonight. We thought the writing was pretty much on the wall after the performances last week. We honestly would have been shocked had any other couple left in the Dancing With the Stars results this evening. However, while we did predict who would be leaving tonight, we did not expect the reason why they would be going home.

Dancing With The Stars Season 18 Emma Slater And Billy Dee Williams Wallpaper

When you only score a 15 out of 30 points and come in dead last on the Dancing With the Stars 18 leaderboard, it’s almost impossible to avoid getting eliminated. Now, that isn’t to say it hasn’t happened in the past. Plenty of terrible dancers have made it very far in the competition based just on their popularity alone.

This time around, however, we just didn’t think Billy Dee Williams and Emma Slater had enough of a fan following to keep them from going home as the worst performers from last week. Billy Dee may have his Star Wars fan base, and Emma Slater is well-liked. However, we just didn’t think either of those things would be enough to save them after such a bad score.

If it had been one of the more popular dancers in danger, like Maks Chmerkovskiiy or Derek Hough, their fans might have pitched in to save the celebrity in question. That’s happened before. Emma Slater, as lovely as she is, just doesn’t have as big of a fan following to help her out. As far as Billy Dee goes, he’s just a terrible dancer, and who remembers what else he’s done other than Star Wars?

While we did turn out to be right about who was eliminated on Dancing With the Stars 2014 tonight, Billy Dee Williams did not go home because he was voted off. Turns out he actually injured his back and was told by a doctor that he would not be able to continue in the competition. So it was a moot point whether the voters wanted him gone or not.

With Billy Dee and Emma Slater out in a self-elimination, we did not have anyone who got voted off Dancing With the Stars tonight!

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